MYR1,013 from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul via Malaysia Airlines

Finally, my 2 other friends have decided to join me for the Korea madness!! Hehe..One of the best way to get cheaper flight tickets would be to sign up for the carrier newsletter.

I have signed up for :
1) Malaysia Airlines
2) Air Asia
3) Cathay Pacific
4) Singapore Airlines

I recommended those because they have plenty of promotions from time to time and they never fail to inform me via e-mail. They are really fast!

Since I just received promotional newsletter from Malaysia Airlines , decided to check the price for flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul for return ticket dated from 30th Oct (Friday) until 8th November (Sunday) – this is the date for us to enjoy the autumn season. Arghh..I really love autumn; the yellow, red, orange, brown leaves..awaiting for winter.

Below is step by step guide from Malaysia Airlines how I managed to purchase a return ticket for MYR1,013 approximately USD290. Normal price ticket to Seoul would be around MYR2,000:

Promotional price is only for travel period between 25th June until 30th November 2009.

Please click on the picture for bigger version.

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Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.


Tips: Please ensure to click ‘Next’ button after Step 2. The lowest/cheapest airfare will only be shown after that. This is somewhat misleading because the price before clicking ‘Next’ is MYR 1,979 but price after is MYR 1,013. A whopping difference of MYR966 which I would rather spend it on shopping in Seoul. Hehehe..


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