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Winter clothes in South Korea

I had two coats prepared for winter but after getting some advice from my korean friends, it would be better if I shop once I reach Seoul.

Around February, I bought two coats for my travel to Hong Kong from this website : Color Shopping. Hong Kong is on winter season around February but not that cold around 15 celcius. Luckily the clothes helped especially when we need to sleep in the airport for a stayover. Hehee..

The site is worth a look. Shipping to Malaysia plus the coat price on average roughly around MYR120 which is cheaper than if you buy in local shopping outlets.

The downside, the fashion a bit outdated. Let’s say if you want to use for autumn 2009, the listed fashion would be from autumn 2008. Tested clothes postage took me around 5-7 days delivery which was quite fast and the owner never fail to reply my email for any queries.

Though the fashion stated its from Korea but the factory comes from China which justifies the cheap price.

Another downside is that online shopping will minus the experience of having to inspect the whole clothes before you buy, the color of clothes would be slightly different from what was shown and the return policy is a bit absurd. You can’t simply return it like you buy it next door.

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  • Anonymous

    hy!i just found ur blog and it seems tht it can help me alot for my first upcoming backpack trip in seoul.
    i'am planning to backpack in seoul in mid december.
    could you give me some helpful advice as to the budget accommodation and the attractive places nearby seoul.
    since we're still students,a very cheap budget trip will be more helpful.hehe

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