KLIA Wifi v/s Incheon airport Wifi

What a let down. I had to wait for 20-30 minutes before I can login. Malaysia is still a loonggg way behind.

I had to wait for this page to load before I can enter the Wifi.

and intermittently receive this error while I surfed.

I just reached Incheon airport at 0725 hours, took my luggage, drank banana milk that tasted like cough medicine and blogging from here now.

My vouch — the Wifi in Incheon aiport is damn fast. Not even 1 minute and I am logged in. This is what I called efficient technology. I used Iptime. Naver network need to sign up.

I will post more pictures later once I settled down at my hostel. Have to go to Incheon city now to meet my penpal – Hye Won


  • sardon

    I notice the wifi service at KLIA running smoothly, no problems after more 10 time Arrive at KLIA,
    and we got 512K/512K bandwidth speed per user, and free services for two hours, the name for the wifi service is FREE_WIFI @ KLIA

    free config
    no need to register *compared with others airport**
    2 hours per user limit

    ** I have been using mobile phones/IPAD/lap top to access the internet (Free_WIFI @ KLIA).

  • Zarina Jani

    Hi Sardon,
    Thanks for dropping by the blog. ^^

    Probably KLIA has upgraded their quality after 1 year I bashed about their WI-FI service hehe..

    That's the way it should be right? great airport with great service eh?

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