A visit to North Korea

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  1. North Korea is very interesting country to visit. Their cultures and traditions are completely different from what we see in other countries around the world. If someone wants to experience completely different ambiance then North Korea is a place for them

  2. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Lagos flights..
    thanks for dropping by.
    I think it would be great if North Korea opens its doors.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Paju G&G stands for Paju Good and Great. Local governments in Korea like to have slogans for their municipalities and the one for Paju is Good and Great.

    Resident in Paju

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi anonymous,
    Thanks for dropping by. I've been looking what G&G means. Thanks for the information! ^^

  5. pinksiren18 says:

    hello! i just wanna ask if you went here on a guided tour or on your own, thanks! 🙂

  6. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi pinksiren18,
    I went to Imjingak with my friend; Min Young and her grandparents on Parents Day. ^^

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