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Booking from 4th to 8th August 2010
Travel from 1st November 2010  to 11th August 2011

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  • Fraulein

    Hi Zarina,

    I like your posts with these really nice info on Korea. I got the Airasia tickets and I'll be there next year Apr. Seems like hotels in Seoul can get fully booked really soon so I wanna book one soon. Will you recommend some hotels in Myeongdong to me cause I wanna stay close to the shoppings and food. Ibis is really nice but out of my budget. 🙁 Thanks.

  • Zarina Jani

    Anonymous – terima kasih sudi singgah blog ni ^^. pegi jangan tak pegi, korea memang cantik dan orang2 nya pon ramah..

    Fraulein – thanks for dropping by ^^.
    April is peak season because of spring and it's holiday season too. Rather than hotel, would you consider guesthouse? Some guesthouses is actually traditional korean houses and you could mingle with the natives and understand the culture more. I will come out with a few posts for accommodation in Jung-gu area (Myeongdong). So look out for it later yeah?

  • @xiM

    salam zarina,

    azim here..first time baca your blog..actually my friend and i akan ke SEOUL pada 3-9 Mac 20100..masa tu musim apa yek??ada sesetengah kata tu awal spring..ada kata masa tu winter lagi..Hope zarina boleh clarified..

    one more thing nak tanya jugak pendapat nak stay kat guest house mana yang bagus..dah baca ur entry pasal Guesthouse in seoul..Thanks a lot for da Info..

    nanti saya datang komen lagi in ur blog if ada apa apa lagi nak tanya..


  • Zarina Jani

    w'salam Azim,
    Thanks for dropping by. ^^

    Ramainye org nk pegi on that date..hehe. Masa tu change of season between winter to spring. So kalau nak tengok cherry blossom masih belum ada lagi. Try pegi Busan or further south ok?

    weather is still cold. so bawak jacket, if u tanak, just bawak jumper and buy one nice and cheap jacket in Seoul. Winter jacket murah lagi dari Malaysia and early March dah nak tukar fashion to spring. That means winter fashion dah start jual murah. ^^

    Pasal guesthouse ni, sume pon bagus, tapi depends on your preference. Dekat dgn city? nak yg traditional? It depends on your budget.

    Tapi for me, Myeongdong or Jongno area is the best spot to stay.

  • Mummy Moon

    hI Zarina, What guesthouse is ur suggest to us as we are travelling with a 4 yr old kid. We would like to stay near Myeongdong. Or you any other hotel can suggest to us, we want something near Myeongdong as well, budget is about rm 250 and below a night stay. Thanks!

  • Zarina Jani

    Hi Mummy Moon,
    Thanks for dropping by the blog.
    Hmm..for Myeongdong
    Why not try Seoul backpackers or Jin Guesthouse? Check out my post on Guest house in Jung-gu under accommodation label.

    You could book a double bed room, notify the owner ahead that you have a child and they will quote a price for you. Most of the time, they won't charge you extra.

    You don't have to hike the hill to go to the guest houses and it's cheaper than staying in hotel.

    The cons in staying in guest house; they don't offer you lavish breakfast like in hotel. At most, they will serve you coffee/tea with bread and jam/butter.

  • Anonymous


    Selamat Hari Raya. Nak tanya sikit pasal Namsan Guesthouse. Kalau family of 5 with children ok tak stay kat sana. Mcm2 review saya baca yg guesthouse ni kena menapak uphill. Betul ke? Airport bus station dekat tak?

    Terima kasih.

  • Zarina Jani

    Hi Anonymous
    Selamat Hari Raya jugak ^^.

    Namsan guesthouse memang kena menapak. The children tu bape orang and umur berapa ek?

    Kalau ambil bilik besar skali dlm RM300 per night. kalau dari airport bus stop tu mmg jauh so kena naik taxi dlm less than RM30

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