How to budget for 7 days in Korea?

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  1. Mummy Moon says:

    nice one! I like it!

  2. Zarina Jani says:

    Thanks Mummy Moon.
    Wishing you a happy trip in Korea! ^^

  3. fifi says:

    lotte world ni best ker…klu tk gi will i miss something

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Fifi,
    If you love Disney World, you don't really adore theme park, you don't have time to go as far as Yongin to try out Everland…hmmm..maybe Lotte World is a better option than Everland.

    Not that a theme park is a must though..^^ You can always choose not to.

  5. JAJA says:

    very helpful. but can u specified for me where and what you eat when u re there so that i can have the same meal as u ( coz da pic look delicious)when i'm going there next year. most of halal restaurant listed from middle east. i want to try korean food also.

  6. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Jaja,
    It's very hard to list out all the places I went for meal.
    I hardly remember the places except for a few.

    Kimbap Nara/Jonguk – it's a chain restaurant and you could find it everywhere

    I went to some of the back alley restaurants in Insadong – ordered dwenjang jjigae with barley rice;tteokpokki,bibimbap..

    Hongik Bab – bibimbap..

    I'm afraid I can't really remember the way to go there..sorry..
    You could always read my entries on Korean food ^^

  7. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Fifi,
    thanks for dropping by.
    Lotte world is not a must.
    Tak pergi pun tak apa, if you don't really like theme park, you can always exclude it from the itinerary

  8. ayaharif says:

    maybe you could just give info on korean food that doesn't contain meat for reference… bibimbap contain meat rite? I just had one at Garden Midvalley during lunch…

    as for convenience store, could you suggest what can I choose that doesn't contain meat? I don't think that every lunch/dinner I need to go to Itaewon area..

  9. Zarina Jani says:

    I will try to come up with an entry about the food that we can choose or opt out the meat part. ^^

  10. ayaharif says:

    Arigato Zarina….kamsamhamnida? ami rite…trying to learn basic Korean with Hangul..

  11. Zarina Jani says:


    kam sa hamnida – 감시합니다

    Try this youtube video

  12. ayaharif says:

    Cukup ker T-Money sebanyak 20000 won utk guna selama 6 hari tu?

  13. Zarina Jani says:

    Tak sume transportation boleh guna T-money. Tapi subway kat seoul, taxi and nak beli barang dekat 7-Eleven/convenient shop boleh gune T-money.

    So, 20,000 won tu mebi tak cukup kalau nak gune untuk sume tu.

    My suggestion, top up the amount once you need to.

    Normally, I can only go up to 3 places maximum in a day. One ride, normally charged at 900 won.

  14. Mummy Moon says:

    Hi Zarina,

    15000 won for Nami Island is included all the return transportation and ferry? Which one is better, Everland or Lotte World , mean for kids?

  15. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Mummy Moon,
    Is 15,000 won inclusive of transportation from Seoul?

    When I went to Nami Island
    Train from Cheongyanni Station to Gapyeong Station – 3,400 won/per head
    Taxi from Gapyeong Station to jetty – 4000 won/per taxi
    Return Ferry for Nami Island – 8,000 won.

    In total is somewhat more than 15,000 won.

    Everland is bigger than Lotte World and it has safari which maybe kids like. The only downturn is that it is in Yongin around 1 hour from Seoul but Lotte Word is just in Seoul (Jamsil Station).

  16. Mummy Moon says:

    Is Gyeongbok/ Chandeok palace and Insandong near to each other? Do we need to take subway from one place to another? You think it is conveniece for us to bring along a stroller to Korea?? You didnt include Nanta show in your plan?

  17. Zarina Jani says:

    You can walk to Insadong after you visit Chandeok palace near Anguk Station.

    Although Gyeongbok palace is just one subway station away from Anguk, but it is not advisable to walk from Anguk to Gyeongbok palace.

    If you want to visit Gyeongbok palace, take the subway and then if you have time, visit Gwanghamun which is just next to it. ^^

    If you have kids, you better bring stroller. It's very fun to walk in Seoul but sometimes you need to hike to some places like Itaewon.

  18. farah liana says:

    akak!! baiknye bg info..suke2..harap2 de rezeki nk g sane..

  19. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi farah,
    My pleasure! ^^
    InsyaAllah, one day it will come your way.

  20. Nadya says:

    Kakak, bila kakak pergi korea lagi? Tahun depan g tak?

  21. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Nadya,
    tak pasti lagi.
    Hopefully by November this year I will return to Korea ^^

  22. lea says:

    hello zarina.. ada twitter tak? i am going to korea coming april for 10 days.. agak pening nak cari tempat tggl + makan halal.. maybe u can help.. your blog is so far the best for me.. Thanks

  23. Zarina Jani says:

    hi lea,
    I don't have twitter.
    I suggest that you spend some time to read my posts under label accommodation and korean food to plan your trip. ^^

  24. Fraulein says:

    Hi, it's me again, bugging you for tips to Korea. After reading this post, we're planning to take the subway from Incheon Int Airport to Seoul, cause it's so much cheaper than the shuttle bus. How should we use it to get to Jongno-3-ga subway station, which is near our hotel? How long will it estimated to take? There's very little info on this in KNTO and Incheon website. We're going to bring one backpack and a luggage, so I wonder if the subway stations are luggage-friendly? FYI, our arrival time at Incheon is 9.30pm. Thank you so much.

  25. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Fraulein,

    If you arrive as scheduled, after immigration, custom and pick up your luggage, I'd say you will need a buffer for about 1 hour.

    So, let's say you start from Incheon Airport at 10.30pm.

    Take Arex to straight to Seoul Station and then transit to Line 1 for Jongno-3(sam)ga station.

    The cost is about 3,800 won and the duration is about 1hr 15 minutes.

  26. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Fraulein,

    If you arrive as scheduled, after immigration, custom and pick up your luggage, I'd say you will need a buffer for about 1 hour.

    So, let's say you start from Incheon Airport at 10.30pm.

    Take Arex to straight to Seoul Station and then transit to Line 1 for Jongno-3(sam)ga station.

    The cost is about 3,800 won and the duration is about 1hr 15 minutes.

  27. anakmatnawi says:

    Salam Zarina,

    I planning nk pegi south korea this coming October. Skarang tgh giat blajar hangeul. haha. I stumbled across this blog ms tgh nk cari itenararies to south korea..nice blog btw!!

    Kitorg planning nk pegi Mt.Sorak. You tau tk brapa estimate kos utk ke sana? And trail Mt.Sorak tu kira easy or difficult?


  28. Zarina Jani says:

    w'salam anakmatnawi,
    saya tak pernah pegi mt seorak lagi..nak pegi sana kena pegi area seokcho dulu dlm 3 jam dr seoul.
    u boleh cek website knto about mt seorak at

  29. Siti says:

    Salam Zarina,

    i am planning to go there around July & i am happy to stumble across ur blog~ ^__^ many info i get frm here & i hope can learn more from you~

  30. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam siti,
    my pleasure, you can browse through the blog ^^.

  31. CIKU says:

    salam awak,
    ciku lagi ni,ciku nak g sana korea 18/7 sampai 25/7..tgh nak cari yg bajet tp nak g jeju island gak..bagus la info info kat sini.

  32. gu-miho says:

    Hi zarina,

    Come accross ur website masa nak cari info to seoul. will go there in 2012 spring, still a year to go but pretty excited. tq so much for d blog, byk info n really helpful.

    just wondering, selain seoul, ape nearby city yg nice and can consider to go? since i'll be there for 10 days n ur suggested intenary only for 7 days.

    n shoppin wise, is it worth it? heard prescribed sunglasses quite cheap. have u bought any?

    appreciate ur response. tq

  33. Suet Yee says:

    Hi Zarina,

    I'm actually planning to go korea next year 2012 end of may. I would like to ask if there's any cheap hostel that u know over der?

  34. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Suet Yee,
    You can check the guesthouse list under posts with label 'accommodation' on the left side of the blog.

  35. eKa says:

    akak, nak tanya pendapat ni…kalu naik city bus tour untung tak utk ittinery di ats

  36. Zarina Jani says:

    actually tak untung sangat
    sebab dalam satu hari max tempat boleh pegi dlm 3-4 tempat. sebab akak akan stay kat satu2 tempat tu dlm 2-3 jam. tanak rush2

    biasanya subway fare, one way dlm 900 won, kadang2 tempat tu just next to each other so jalan kaki je..

    tp kalau naik bus ni, kena byr dlm 10,000 -12,000 won
    so, dia sesuai untuk org yg tk cukup masa macam kalau stay 2-3 hari je kat Seoul, ok la.

  37. eKa says:

    ooo gitu…akak ada fb tak.byk benda pulak nak tanya ni ha….

    kalu camtu saya ikut ittinery akak ni je la…yg day 2 tu kan…gyeongbok n chandeok palace adalah palace yg sama atau lain…

    seoul city pass sama tak dgn T money, boleh ke derang ni digunakan cara sharing.maksudnya…2 org 1 kad…dlm entry mana tah saya ada baca akak ckp sblm turun dari subway kene sentuh sensor dia kan…sensor dia kat luar atau dlm subway

    kalau pegi awal dec perlu ke pakai winter jacket , boot semua tu…sbb setahu saya awal dec baru nak masuk winter kan…ada juga check suhu kat internet, tp derang hanya dpt predict suhu dlm jarak terdekat…disebabkan akak salu g korea kan, so saya nak tanya la…sejuk tak time tu.1st time saya g negara 4 musim ni…sori la kalu soalan saya ni cam bdk darjah 1 🙂

  38. Zarina Jani says:

    akak jarang FB, so kalau ada apa2 curiousity boleh email akak

    gyeongbok and chandeok palace tak sama

    T-money and seoul city pass tak sama
    kalau naik bus boleh ckp kat ahjussi driver tu untuk charge dua org..cume subway payah sket, camne nak suh charge dua kali kan…^^

    awal dec, sblm pegi cek weather normally dh sejuk..better bwk winter jacket sbb org Asia biasa tak tahan sejuk

  39. Anonymous says:

    nak tanya ade x package utk bulan 4 2012?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Salam akak..
    1. Kami planning nak p Korea pd 20/01/12 – 26/01/12
    2. 15-20 pax.
    3. berapa budged per pax.
    4. Akak boleh jadi tour guide x? Budged?
    5. Boleh dpt budged apartment
    Minta tlg advise boleh? Lg cpt lg bgs.. Hehehe

    My email :


  41. Anonymous says:

    Salam akak….
    Kami planning nk p Korea pd 20/01/12 – 26/01/12 seramai 15 – 20 org.. Lebih krg cam family day la.. So, akak boleh jd tour guide tak? Price cam mana per pax – budged punya. kalau dpt apartment utk stay, bgs jugak.
    Plz advise..
    My email :

  42. linda says:

    ble akak nak gi korea agy?
    nk ikut bley?hehehe

  43. Zarina Jani says:

    Salam Linda,
    Akak memang dah ada kat Korea sekarang. study kat sogang universiti. ^^

  44. nur_rena says:

    Salam Kak,

    suke sgt blog akk very and adik akan lawat s.korea this coming april 10 days trip 31/03 – 10/04…kak sy nak best ker Busan? i came across the free shuttle to got there tp Busan accommodation (guesthouse) quite expensive. Worth it ker pi sane?…ape yg special kat Busan?

  45. Farah says:

    salam and hello ^.^. saya berminat dgn pakej yg ni. if nk guna pakej ni and nk akak as tourist guide spnjang kitorng kat sana boleh? any changes in terms of cost? saya dh email akak hari ni. email erika. thats me. huhu thanks..

  46. cleng says:

    this is really helpful!!!! i like it!! i want to visit korea too budget travel only!! thank you for this! ^^

  47. Anonymous says:

    hye sis nak tanya kalu bajet ke korea utk march 2013..blh tak?

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