Where to Buy Korean Hallyu Souvenirs?

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  1. salam , very useful info for me yg akan visit seoul dis mid feb. will be stayin kat area namdaemun. Dis area they say mcm chow kit ke? Leh ke share wit me on Mount Soerak. Plan to go here too n leh ke klu pi day trip aja? Be in korea for 6 days only. 10Q

  2. Zarina Jani says:

    Badar The Great,
    yup..namdaemun is a bit chaotic like chow kit because it's a market area.

    Mt Seorak is quite far..about 2 hr and a half by bus. If you want to make a day trip it's gonna be tiring.

    Go Nami Island instead, the snow will be pretty there.

  3. badar0501@yahoo.com says:

    Nami island is in my list for sure..

    Or can i stay a nite in Sokcho/Mt Seorak n proceed to ski resort nearby. The rest of days we will spend our time in Seoul. Wat do u think?

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Badar,
    Go to Mt Seorak on the day, stay the night at Seokcho and go to the ski resort the next day.

  5. hanizan says:

    badar the great,

    Bole i tau u stay kat mn area namdaemun?coz i tgh survey guest house dkat area2 tu juga..no idea nak stay kat mn skrg ni..cuma dlm kepala otak terpikir nak stay di namsan guest house..itupn lepas bc blog kak zarina ni…

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