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How to register membership at TOPIK website

TOPIK has a new website:
Click at 회원가입 – membership
Checked the box and press the button 회원가입.
Fill up your details.
아이디 – ID
비밀번호 – password
비밀번호는 영문숫자 조합으로 6자리 이상 입력해 주십시오 – Use at least 6 alphanumeric characters for password.
비밀번호 확인 – confirm password
한글성명- name in hangeul letters
영문성명- name in roman letters
생년월일- fate of birth
성별- gender
국적- nationality
한국인 – Korean
재외국민 – Korean living in overseas

재한외국인 – Foreigners in Korea
외국인- Foreigners living in overseas
주소 – address
이메일- e-mail address
직접 입력 – direct input
전화번호- phone number
핸드폰 – handphone number
SMS 수신여부 – Agree to receive SMS
이메일 수신여부 – Agree to receive e-mail
예 – Yes
아니오 – No

After filling up all the information, press 등록 – register.
Do not press 취소 – cancel.
You will be prompted with 저장 하시겠습니까? – Would you like to save?
after you press 등록 – register, and press OK.
You can choose your own language preference on the top-right corner
of the website.

Useful information from TOPIK website:
  • Test Introduction
  • Test Information
  • Application process
  • Test results
  • Past years’ papers


  • Anonymous

    Hi Zarina,
    Have been following your blog for sometimes. Just one quick question, do u do your registration of TOPIK at UKM or u just register urself online tru TOPIK website? And what is the different of signing up as a TOPIK website member?

    Thanks in advance.:)


  • Zarina Jani

    Hi Yvonne,
    I registered at UKM for the exam.

    There are loads of study resources in the TOPIK website that you can have access with a membership.^^
    From time to time, they will update you with the latest info about TOPIK.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zarina,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Any idea that the latest exam has started its registration at UKM? You are taking part this year too?


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