Wolhwawon at Suwon

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  1. Nurul says:

    omo!!! nomu yeppuda.. u always know how to capture the beauty of a place, onni. 🙂

  2. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Nurul,
    Unfortunately it was taken by my friends – Iris, Fiza, Hanim and Marina. Thanks to them! ^^

  3. Fuza says:

    Hi Zarina,

    Dari Myeongdong ke Suwon by Subway.. then from Suwon Station.. how do I go to Suwon Fortress?

    Do I have to cab or bus?

    Atau bole jalan kaki je to get there?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Fuza,

    Check my post for Suwon/Hwaseong Fortress

    you can walk from suwon station to the fortress for about 20 minutes


    you could take a bus/taxi
    check out this link

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