English Speaking Travel Agents in Korea

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  1. shazwina says:

    Assalam k Zarina, that is so cool! ^^ Cant wait to contact the malaysian students coz, well, they're Malaysians! ^^ Is july their holidays coz I dont wanna disturb them if their busy.. 🙂 Keep up the good work k Zarina! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    kamsahamnida unni^^

    this post really helps since hamizah is not available during the time that we want to visit Korea

    tQvm kak!


  3. FaRaH says:

    salam kak..just wanna ask .
    kalau saya ambik Linguistic in Korean . saya blh kerja aper erk kat Korea? I'm thinking of taking TESL first than continue to study Linguistic in Korean .

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam Farah,
    Perhaps a tourist guide? Or even an English teacher. There's so many things to do..^^ a translator?

  5. ?utr!3 says:

    salam kak…sy br nk plan pegi korea…klw sy pegi sorg, untuk budget, ok x klw sy pegi melalui travel agen atau klw sy booking personally lg ok..?sy igt nk cuba travel sdiri tp sy takut masalah bahasa jadi isu…klw sy melalui travel agen, travel agen di malaysia/johor, mane travel agen yg bagus.?tmpt mne yg ptut/wajib sy lawat kt korea.? pegi 6D4N ok atau 8D6M lg best.?sebb sy dgar org ckp, jgan pegi lme sgt, tkut boring…

  6. Zarina Jani says:

    w'salam ?utr!3 ,
    personally I like going alone as I have the experience before.

    If you don't then for the first time, maybe it's better to go with tour group.

    I don't have the info about which agents is worth it in Johor though. ^^

    Please download the FAQ for further details.

  7. Pinky Mommy says:

    Salam kak Zarina

    Boleh x bg list travel agent yg akak boleh recommend utk trip ke korea yg boleh cater muslim travellers?

  8. Pinky Mommy says:

    Salam kak zarina..any recommended travel agent that can cater muslim travellers?

  9. Zarina Jani says:

    w'salam Pinky Mommy,
    Pls dload the FAQ students tour guide in Korea. I don't have any list for travel agent in Malaysia though. You can check MATTA website for all travel agency.

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