Volunteering in Korea : Part 2

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  1. hani says:

    alah..salah id pulak. hahahaha 😛

  2. admin says:

    hi zarina *waves*
    i need ur advicelah regarding the wwoffing thing. rasa nak cuba. hehehe

  3. Adah says:

    Salam Kak Zarina,

    my husband and i are going to visit korea on early july. we dont go with travel agency as we planned to explore korea ourselves. i did some study on korea like which place to stay, places to go, korea's transportation subways, bus n taxi. but since we both have never been there, its more like a theory without practical for us. i understand that itaewon is the area where halal food restaurants populated. we might as well stay there in IP Boutique hotel. my question is how do i get to itaewon from incheon international airport? by bus or by subway or by taxi? hope to hear from u

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    just email me at zemoneko@gmail.com if you have any queries about Korea.

  5. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam Adah,
    You can get there by subway or by bus?

    Take the limousine bus number 4A/10B at the airport. Cost about 14,000 won/pax. If you can't get the bus, a taxi will cost about 40,000won to Itaewon

    Check out this link for general understanding

    Subway is a bit tedious but the cheapest. From Incheon airport to Itaewon, take Arex to Digital Media city after that change to Line 6 to Itaewon – 1 hour 14 minutes, 59.5km, 3,800 won.

  6. Rafidah says:

    i will always envy u with wwoofing's experience. only if i have opportunity to take a break from work for 3 months and not worry about works, i'll would like to do woofing just like u. *sigh..*

  7. Dorapah says:

    After seeing you pic n reading ur story.. now i also considering to includes this in my plan for my next trip to korea.. ^__^..

    Zillion thanks to ur great n amzing effort putting all this for us…

  8. nu says:


    boleh kita jumpa di bangi, saya akan ke korea jun ini bersama keluarga untuk cuti dan saya stay untuk kursus selama 2minggu.
    harap dapat belajar pronounciation dengan u…:)

  9. fiqahlee88 says:

    Sy pn mmg sgt4 suka dgn idea volunteering nih.bukn apa,even sounds very interesting. n sy pn sgt jugk sokong idea yg nk travel but spent less.bkn apa,experience tuh yg maw.kan,kan.travel as traveler instead of tourist mmg la cita2 sy ^^ thnks 4 d link

  10. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam Nu,
    Saya cume available on weekdays Tue-Fri from 10am-3pm. Kalau u ok, boleh je jumpa kat Bangi.

  11. nu says:


    boleh lunch di Mohamad Chan (chinese muslim restauranT)/or kelantanese Yati ayam percik or San Franscisco Pizza/or Ibujah nasi padang.

    if you ok lets meet up next week Wednesday 1 June.

    I dekat-dekat tempat yang I sebut tu, pilihlah nak makan apa "sifu" "songsangnim.
    we squeeze it within the time 10am-3pm ye.

  12. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam nu,
    saya balik kg next week, if next week from 7-10june boleh tak?

  13. nu says:

    Salam Zarina,

    Saya ke korea 7June flight jam 11.30mlm.
    Boleh kita jumpa 7June 10am-3pm.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say a big thank you for all your volunteering links and information posted on your blog. It's like finding a treasure chest. LOL. I got so happy when i came across your blog. This is exactly what i planned to do next year.

    Once again, THANK YOU!

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