Budget plan

Budget to Jeju Island trip

Women divers in Jeju Island by KNTO

I will be going to Jeju Island this coming November 2011 !! ^^ Am planning to stay about 2-3 days and renting a scooter to paint the island in various colors ㅋㅋㅋ. Anyone visiting Jeju Island in November?

My budget to explore Jeju Island for 2 days 1 night / 3 days 2 night:

Return air fares from Gimpo/Incheon Airport : 150,000 to 200,000 won
Accommodation: 1 night – 25,000 won/ 2 nights – 50,000 won
Food: 2 days – 30,000 won / 3 days – 45,000 won
Transportation: scooter – 2 days – 50,000 won/3 days – 75,000 won
Admission: 20,000 won

2 days 1 night :  325,000 won /  ~910MYR   / ~305USD
3 days 2 night :  390,000 won / ~1,090MYR / ~365USD

3 days 2 night Eco-Tour itinerary prized at about 410,000 won! My budget came close to it. You might be wondering..”hmm..not much difference, how do I save my penny then?”  Some people even claimed that you will be saving a lot and less headache in planning your holiday with tour group.

Here are my 2 cents about having your own plan:
1. The exhilarating moment of enjoying the island on a scooter
2. The time and places you can visit are limitless – more flexibility
3. The adventure of exploring unbeaten path
4. Meeting new people or maybe Hallyu artist..*ok..I’m just dreaming..hehe*

Anyone been there, done that and spent lesser than the budget I gauge for 3 days 2 night? Please share your opinion. ^^

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  • Norra

    Hi! I am going to Jeju at the end of June. Wondering about requirement for driving license there. Do they accept Malaysian driving license? Anywhere I can check out about this?

  • Anonymous

    just nk share again…
    to norra: utk drive better ada international driving license sbb kat sne diorg accept international dricving license… btw sori xingat cmne procedure nak buat international license…..

    nak g jeju better 3 days/ 2 night sbb jeju ni besar (3 times bigger than Singapore and 2 1/2 times bigger then seoul) n satu2 tmpt tu jauh2…

    transportation, naik limousine bas no 600 about 1 hour 30 minute utk ke seogwipo(south jeju)
    most of the attraction kat sne belah selatan such as teddy bear museum, formation rocks, ripleys believe it or not museum, chocolate museum, etc….

    nak ke sne i did choose Eastarjet because the only airlines yg provide reservation in english for domestic airlines plus yg murah compare to asiana airlines n korean air….
    service diorg onboard bagus…

    accomodation: jeju hiking inn ok gak…
    15000 won per person.
    facilities, free wifi, free international call, free drinking water, etc…
    to booked boleh gune credit card but mase check inn kene gune cash….

    PS: patut g seongsan ilchubong, jeju folk village, mont. halla klu lame kat sne sbb nak naik gunung kene spend 1 day, teddy bear museum, formation rock (daepo something xingat nape pe), glass castle, n many more la…

    that all from me…. harap membantu…

  • a.s.m.a

    went there few days ago..join eco tour..frustrated with the tour huhu kalu boleh g lagi sekali nak travel sndiri2 macam awak jugak la..
    jeles!! nak g sekali lagi !!!

  • Anonymous

    hi a.s.m.a,
    if u nak pegi sane lagi, nak ikut la..cam best je..
    kalo ikut tour nie kekadang x sempat..sume nak kena cepat.
    kalo travel sendiri lgi syok..kan…

  • nyza

    hi norra,
    u can go to JPJ and apply the international driving permit (IDP). prepare 2 keping gambar pasport and bayar RM150. tngu around 2 hours and voila, u're done! that license is valid for 1 year and details about IDP appplication bole refer kat website JPJ.

    btw, i baru pegi jeju 2 weeks ago with my 2 friends and mmg sgt best 🙂 i use asiana airlines and the cost arnd KRW93000 per pax. stay at jeju hiking inn during my trip there and everything is basic necessity so don't expect much. in my opinion, 3 days should be enough for normal itenary.. unless u plan nk pegi udo island atau nak cuba olle route then 3rd day can be used for additional plan. what i did there is hire a taxi tour so we get to cover 1 day on east side & 1 day on west side because we're in group. if i went there alone, mmg rent scooter.

    west side attraction – teddy bear museum, jusangjeolli cliffs, cheonjeyeon waterfall, oedolgae rock, mt sanbangsan, yeongmori coast etc.
    east side attraction – seongsan ilchubong, udo island, seopjikoji (our luck as managed to see dolphins here), manjanggul cave, trick art museum etc

    paling satisfied bila berjaya conquer seongsan ilchubong.. mmg rasa sgt best eventhough penat. u also get to see the haenyeo diver performance at beach at same area. i cuma terkilan tak cukup masa nk pegi udo island.. promise myself that i'll be back to jeju-do again during autumn 🙂

  • iyliattieka

    hi everyone!
    i'm going to korea in july and am thinking of including jeju in my itinerary..the problem is, i neither drive nor ride a bike/scooter. =.=' any suggestion on how to travel around jeju? is it advisable to rely on its public transport?

  • Anonymous

    hi iyliattieka…
    bus mmg main transportation kat sne….
    so far g sne naik bus ok je but kene tau schedule bus la….
    if u can drive, u boleh sewa keta or scooter kat sne.. harga i xtau coz i just gune bus je… but g buat international license b4 g…
    taxi i just naik g dekat2 je… xtau nak kate mahal ke x… rse klu g ramai xmahal sgt la kot sbb leh kongsi2… (PS: naik teksi max 4 org je)

    harap membantu……

  • Rafidah

    Hi, Iyliattieka!
    First, u can go on weekdays to Jeju island & try eastar jet. or u can go to Gimpo airport first and try to ask from the various airlines counter at the airport to get the cheapest price- make the comparison. U can travel with limosin bus and walk bewteen teddy bear museum, Botanical garden, choc museum (Jungmun area). If you dont drive or ride scooter, u can rely on public transport but u must know where to take the bus. If your are staying at hostel, the owner will assist you how to go to your travel point. during our trip, we stay at Tae Gong Gak Inn and the owner give us instruction about the transport.
    Best of luck to you!

  • Man Fai

    syok nya….

    Jealous and Envy

    But November is quite near winter.
    Going to be very cold.

    Anyway, do you remember November is my birthday months.
    So please remember to get a gift for me. ("Muka tebal"ing)

  • Ge-Nyek

    Salam Zarina,

    I'm heading to Jeju on 2nd July (early morning)and then heading back to Seoul on 3rd July (evening flight).
    My girlfriends and I (3 of us) plan to hire a global taxi tour for 50,000KRW per pax for 8 hours to bring us around Jeju. The driver is English speaking and can bring us around wherever we wanna go and perhaps he can bring us to off-beaten tracks sights too. 🙂 Best thing is, for an addn of 35,000KRW/car, he can bring us to Udo Island too. *smiles*
    I've calculated, this is cheaper than getting on board a tour bus by SGD20. It's actually not much but it's a saving of S$40 for the 3 of us.
    We'll be staying at Yeha Guesthouse in Jeju City (7mins from airport). It's triple share for S$32/pax. Flight to Jeju cost us S$250/pax.

    Well, that's my sharing view. Hope you have an enjoyable time in Jeju in November. toodles!

  • seventh

    Hi Zarina!

    Happy to hear that you're going there also. Mine would be in Sept. I booked with Air Busan. Try check it. It has discount tier. Eastarjet also cheap especially you're travelling in the evening. You'll get super cheap than other airline. I'm still checking out on Jeju Trolley Tour Bus. Heard cheapest way to travel in Jeju. Waiting some answer from KTO. 🙂

    Anyway, have fun!

  • Ge-Nyek

    Salaam, I'm back from Jeju and Seoul. Jeju is amazing, i'm smitten and still am. Would like to revisit Jeju and this time to other sites which my friends and didnt' visit early this month. Got to see Mysterious Road you guys, an optical illusion road caused by the area surrounding the road. Very interesting.

    For a good night and comfortable stay, I highly recommend Yeha Guesthouse. They are friendly, room is comfy and clean. Plus point will be the separate cutleries/crockeries they got stored in a separate cabinet only for their Muslim guests. This is rather very welcoming for us. I loikeeee! aaaah…i miss Jeju-do, i miss Korea already…

  • thea

    Hi.. glad that i found ur blog.. :))

    i'm going to Jeju in early November 2011 with mom. Still waiting the eastarjet open their promo tix for Nov flight. much cheaper from jejuair i think. Ur idea renting a scooter mmg best but i xreti bw moto.. huhuhu 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to Seoul this october 8-16 with my family of 5 (youngest 22 years, oldest 60 years), i plan to make a 2 day/2 night trip out to either Sokcho/Jeju Island. Which do you guys suggest?
    I'm also interested to enquire the transportation in Jeju Island.
    Is there a need to rent car?
    I'm travelling in party of 5. Is there any global taxi which can accomodate 5 of us?
    Is driving in Jeju Island is friendly (navigation aspect/language) or to hire taxi is much better choice??
    I'm writing to seek help from you guys, as i'm torn between sokcho (mount soraksan) and jeju island.
    Hope to get valuable input from you u guys…

  • Rafidah

    Hi, Iyliattieka!
    First, u can go on weekdays to Jeju island & try eastar jet. or u can go to Gimpo airport first and try to ask from the various airlines couunter at the airport to get the cheapest price- make the comparison. U can travel with limosin bus and walk bewteen teddy bear museum, Botanical garden, choc museum (Jungmun area). If you dont drive or ride scooter, u can rely on public transport but u must know where to take the bus. If your are staying at hostel, the owner will assist you how to go to your travel point. Best of luck to you!

  • nita

    hi zarina, got so much info of korea from ur blog..i am going for a conference in jeju island end november..if i get a flight from KL to incheon, ho wto proceed to go to jeju..how to go from incheon to gimpo and what flight to take from gimpo to jeju? thanks a lot..nita

  • Zarina Jani

    A'salam Nita,
    Incheon to Gimpo, you can take AREX (like ERL). Once in Gimpo, you can buy the ticket to Jeju from the counter, either by Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Airlines, T-way Airlines and etc.

  • The Champ

    Ge nyek,
    Salam. I will be going to korea tis 20 aug to 25 aug. M planning to visit jeju n seoul. Wud that be possible? M going in a family of 4. Husband, myself n 2 daughters aged 15 n 9. Is 2 days 1 nite in jeju sufficient?
    Can u kindly email me ur itinerary especially in seoul n jeju. Wud appreciate too if u can email me the jeju taxi driver contact number as well. Will be flying frm malaysia to incheon. Kindly assist me. Thank u.

  • Anonymous

    Ada sesiapa tahu tak tempat makanan halal kat jeju..nak pegi tp bimbang tu je.Tlg listkan pd sy tempat wajib pegi bila sampai jeju.Ada sesiapa tahu mcm mn nak cr tour guide kt sana

  • lunafantacia

    Salam Zarina,

    I got problems in booking Jeju tix from Jeju Air. Bila i dah select the flight schedule, dia akan kua error "selected itinerary information deleted. Please reselect"

    Bile dah reselect, dia akan kua error yg sama jugak. How to solve this ya?

    I dah survey all airlines. So far Jeju Air is the cheapest. I'll be visiting Korea this December.

    Please advise. Thank you

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