Budget plan

Jeju Island Budget for 3 days 2 nights

This is based on the itinerary of my two friends plus me

1) T’way Airlines return ticket = 72,000 won
Departing Gimpo at 1625hrs on first day
Departing Jeju at 1000hrs on third day

2) Yeha Guesthouse dormitory for 2 nights = 38,000 won

3) A taxi for tour – 8 hours – 9am to 5pm = 100,000 won/3 pax ~ 33,000 won

4) A taxi to city hall return  = 5,000 won/3 pax ~1,700 won

5) Admission tickets to Ilchulbong, Cheonjiyeon, Jungmun Daepo Coast, Jeongbang = 8,000 won

6) Breakfast is free on the guesthouse, lunch and dinner is by ourselves = 30,000 won

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7) Taxi to Ilchulbong = 35,000 won /3pax ~11,500 won

8) Taxi to and fro airport = 8,000won / 2pax ~ 4,000 won

Total: ~200,000 won ~ RM600

Note: Maximum per taxi is 4 people.

This is wayyyy cheaper than Yeha tour. You have a personal guide, no rush but the only problem is you may have to speak some basic Korean.

Most of the tourist attraction admission starts at about 2,000 won per person.

If you have 4 people in a group, your total is reduced. Please tell the taxi driver which place you want to visit and he will arrange it within 8 hours slot.
Anyone has come across a cheaper budget than this in Jeju Island? Do share with us!


  • asiahms

    Nak tanya..kat Jeju dah start Tangerine Picking season ke?Next week nak pergi tapi tak ada info pasal tu lagi…any infos like location & fees?Thanks.


  • Zarina Jani

    W'salam Nurul,
    Boleh naik flight dari Incheon/Gimpo. Kalau naik feri boleh naik dari banyak port – Incheon, gimpo, mokpo, jangheung etc..

    Akak still ada kat Jeju Island. So far so good and kalau nak cover all places memang tak sempat and quite expensive via taxi.

  • Zarina Jani

    Salam Asiahms,
    So far saya cume pick tangerine sebab wwoof program but as tourist, biasanya farm owner will allow tourist to walk around but not fruit picking.

    You can actually just tell the taxi driver to stop by at any of the tangerine farms in Jeju ^^

  • Fahmi

    Hi cik zarina,

    I've read ur previous post that u r planning to cover Jeju by scooter but u choose taxi instead?

    Im planning to go to jeju next year on a really tight budget. What is the best transportation and where is the best location to stay. Im thinking of Yeha guesthouse as well.

  • Fahmi

    Hi zarina,

    I've read in ur previous post that u're planning to cover the Jeju island by scooter but why you choose taxi this time? Im planning to go next year and right now im searching what is the best transportation on a really tight budget.


  • Zarina Jani

    Salam Fahmi,
    Initially I thought of applying for international driving license but in the end did not.

    I was with 2 friends and none of us had international license, so we just chose a taxi as the driver will know and would not waste our time if we rent a car/bike while finding our way with GPS. ^^

    you can check out this website http://jejubike.co.kr/
    if you want to rent one

  • aleem @ pandaberkacamata

    Akak syioknya..banyak tempat cover..kita sedih sbb ingatkan jeju tu kecik + naik bus utk merayap..hahaha..then terslh pick time..2malam 1siang. pape pn mmg enjoy la. gigih naik bas yang tarak satu patah perkataan english pun..hehe. tp local people mmg helpful. xsempat pi mt. halla. mcm kena return je..hehehe.but still dpt pi 1of7 wonder of nature : IIchulbong..yeay.

  • Zarina Jani

    Salam anonymous,
    You need to bargain with them as the price is not necessarily a fix rate. Request help from your guesthouse clerk. Otherwise, you may email me as I do have the driver's detail which I went with before.

  • PeNakLukan


    nak tanye pertengahan bulan mei itu peak season or off peak season? lg 1 hotel2 or guest house kat jeju tu byk x? posibility utk walk in boleh ke x?harga utk walk in plak brape?type of accomodation plak mcm mane?

  • Zarina Jani

    Salam Penaklukan,
    Peak season is normally in summer.
    Date varies between hotels so do check before you book.

    a lot of hotel/serviced apmt/pensionne/ guesthouse..you can walk in

    walk in rates , please check with hotels

  • men

    Salam Zarina..

    nak tanya pasal return flight dari gimpo ke jeju tu..

    T'way Airlines return ticket = 72,000 won

    tiket kena book awal ke atau bole beli on the spot? kenapa harga dia lagi murah sebab tgk dlm web jejuair harga tiket sehala pun dah around 80,000 won.. nak pegi bulan 10 nanti.. tq


  • YeohLoo ZhengWei

    Hi, may i know where you get the taxi tour, did u just hired random taxi or you gotta get it somewhere like at some station, or have to book early something like that and is it flexible or comfortable travelling in taxi ?

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