Wwoof in Jeju Island – Seonam Farm

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  1. teringat My Girl laa… Jeju Island! 🙂

  2. kak zarina!lama tak update sy dah rindu..hehhhehh..btw kat sana still warm lagi ke?bila nk snow?

  3. famia says:

    Haahla. Macam kebun buah oren dalam cerita My Girl. Hoho. Bestnya.

    Zarina, kalau Nov tahun depan kan… ada tak student Malaysia di sana yang available untuk jadi tour guide ya?

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Famia,

    Kindly contact the Malaysian student tourist guide via link http://budgettravel2korea.blogspot.com/p/tourist-guide.html

  5. Zarina Jani says:

    Salam Nurul,
    akak dah kat Incheon skrg. sejuk sgt..esok forecast for cold snap.
    snow maybe end dec.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello Zarina.. It's interesting experience. Do you need to be able to speak Koreans when wwoofing in Korea, and so their language in non-english country? Thanks

  7. Zarina Jani says:


    u don't have to know Korean to wwoof but if you do, it would help a lot!

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