How to go to Gimpo Airport

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  1. Fahmi says:

    Hi Cik Zarina,

    May I ask a question.

    How long it will takes from Incheon to Gimpo and what is the best tranportation? My plan is once I reach Incheon at 6.00am, I want straight to Jeju Island but not too sure what is the best time should I book the domestic flight. Appreciate your help in this.



  2. Faruq (SIN) says:

    Hello kak zarina,

    I would like to ask if you have any information about the bus system in Busan. I would like to know about the bus routes and what buses to take to certain locations. There is a website on the Busan Bus Information System but it's all in korean haha. Thank you kak!

  3. Sue says:

    Salam kak zarina,

    pukul berapa ya operating hours rapid train. Sbb saya plan untuk ke Jeju dan ambil flight yg awal, dlm 7am. Jikalau sy stay kat Seoul (area Myengdong), mcm mane ya nk travel ke Gimpo? The easy way? Berapa lama ya? Ada ke public transportation pagi2? Thanks

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