How to Rent a Car in Jeju Island

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  1. Rent Toronto says:

    It will very good if we are getting a rent room or hotel near by our visiting place. So that after taking the full enjoyment from the beautiful place we can take rest quickly. Hence we can give more to more time on the visiting place and only spend our night time for passing the night……

  2. Anonymous says:

    kak zarina,

    kami sewa kereta jugak hr tuh dgn gps. xtau pki mula2 tp mtk org sewa keta tuh ajarkan siap2. hasilnya mmg superb lah. hehe.

    nk add on tips

    make sure ade no tepon tmpt yang kita nk pergi. tak kesahlah place of interest atau hotel ke. amik je no fon. sbb gps die hny masukkan no telefon then tekan go n die akan guide smpi tmpt yg nk dituju.

    gps die sgt reliable and awesome!
    highly recommended.

    oh, kami sewa kereta hari itu through yehatour. price sgt berpatutan dan yg ptg skali minyak die sangat muraahhhhhhhhhhh. mayb sbb pki LPG kot. hehe


  3. Anonymous says:


    How many the car rental company at Jeju? How much is it in KRW?

    Thank you,


  4. Anonymous says:

    you mentioned that your friend has a international license. Just to check it is a International driving license or just a international driving permit will do?


    May Lee

  5. Mango Ice says:

    Hi Nor,

    do you still remember how long does it take you to drive from one attraction to another?

    I am keen to know if I want to drive from Jeju Airport to Sunrise Peak, will it take 1 hr or 2? Do we use route 12 or we take the inland highway?

    And from The Sunrise peak how long will it take to reach Seogwipo City area?

    From Seogwipo city up to the Glass Castle and Tea Museum, how long will the drive take?

    thanks in adv! 🙂


  6. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.

    rent a car

  7. Amos Lee says:

    Did you have to provide your local driving license details on Jeju-rent-a-car website when you book your car? And did the staff at counter in the airport ask for you local driving license? Is International driving license alone enough to rent a car? Thanks!

  8. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Amos Lee,

    You must provide your international driving license and passport if you're not Korean native.

    That will be enough.

  9. There is no doubt in that these guidelines can help out a lot of people who wish to rent a car in the Jeju island during their family or business trip.
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  10. Anonymous says:

    salam. saya nak sewa kereta kat jeju. kami berenam. tapi saya xdapat nk baca website yang sis bagi. ada cara lain tak? tqvm

  11. nafiza says:

    sewa kerata di airport lps arrived kena by pakai kad kredit jgk ker? boleh ke by cash je

  12. Greg says:

    Hi, interesting write up here! Thanks. I looked up the website … everything in Korean.!! How did Noor liase with the rental car company? Is it via e-mail in English? Thanks in advance

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