Mid Term Exam in Sogang University

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  1. Lovely Ayun says:

    Salam Akak Zarina~~

    Kuatkan semangat n HIM NAE!!!

    Smoga dpt result yg cemerlang…amin

  2. Feia says:

    Zarina. I have tried to apply evening class in Sogang! Turned out C-3 and D-4 visa holders are not allowed for this course. 🙁 And it takes 2 semesters to complete 1 level. I think the evening course is meant for foreigners who work in Korea.

  3. Zarina Jani says:


    Yup, I have checked out with my friends who had attended night class. They told me that Sogang University needs working visa.

    If you want to learn Korea, it's not necessarily be universities. There's so many private institution like YBM.

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