Queen Seondok Tomb, Gyeongju

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  1. Lovely Ayun says:

    unnie.. sronok nya kat korea.. slamat tahun baru n take care

  2. Zarina Jani says:

    Salam Ayun,
    Happy New Year! ^^

  3. Cath says:

    Hi there!
    Really glad to bump into ur blog as i was looking for any Malaysian who is super good with budget travel in korea.
    How much do u think is enough o travel there for six days? Im going around 10-16 March.
    In terms of food, don't have prob halal n non-halal will do.

    Im planning to go to nami and planning to travel around using the tour bus that they have on daily basis thatbwe can catch a any bustop. And then bummer! I dontnknow what else to do. Oh ya definitely to palaces, DMZ etc

    What about Seoulgreeter.com? Is it reliable?

    And i understand it's still winter that time so thermal wear shud be essential rite? basically how much do i need in RM if i want to go to those places including food n plan to buy some facial products too.

    Thanks =D

  4. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Cath,
    Please download my FAQ

  5. Rue says:


    You remember me? I'm Rue who once asked you about Jeju island scootering haha!

    In the end I didn't manage to get my international license so I didn't get to scoot! 🙁

    When did you went Korea during winter/ I'm planning to go this year winter, is December too cold?

  6. Zarina Jani says:

    Hi Rue,
    I'm in Korea since Nov 2011 and perhaps till end of 2012. Studying Korean in Sogang University now.

    Weather wise normally between 2 to negative 12 celcius in December but it all depends on mother nature ^^.
    Right now…even in January, snow fall is really rare nowadays.

  7. Rue says:

    omg talk about global warming!!! 🙁

    That's nice of you studying Korean there! I know it's definitely very different studying Korean in Malaysia, how different is it?

    Would like to know more about studying in Sogang Uni 🙂 I've been scouting some Unis as well :))

    Shall we talk via email? 🙂

    이멜을 하면 더 편하게 예기할 수 있을 것 같아! 🙂

  8. kakakweasley says:

    Hi Kak Zarina,

    wah, at last T-Money can be use at Gyeonju. He3,i'm going to Gyeonju again this year.so glad that no need to bring lot of coins this time. This time i'm definitely going to try the red bean bun.thank you for the info 🙂


  9. ladyDee says:

    HI cik Zarina,terjumpa blog awak time surfing cari info for my Korea trip this year. Expected to go there during hari raya holiday sebab tu je cuti panjang yg ada.

    never been to korea..but im crazy over the stylish fesyen of korea..especially the street fesyen.Im going with my sister so On the occomodation part..will be staying kat apertment kawan…malaysian yg OJT kat Korea. Dia pun baru sampai sana so tak tau sgt where to go about in Korea.

    Hope to get reply you.



  10. Cath says:

    Thankmyou Zarina!

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