Korean Rice

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  1. Yep. can buy from family mart. No need to add water. Just reheat in microwave for 2 @ 3 min. It taste good. ^_^. Going to miss Korea T_T

  2. baby beaver says:

    haha… i really missed those rice… hahah…

    saya siap amik gmbr before ngapp dlm mulut… yeyeyeye.. thn ni mkn lg… ahahah

  3. yands says:

    thanks for the info, anyway, how to go to yunjung-ro street near yeouido behind national assembly building in seoul by the subway?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Salam Kak Zarina, abby here. I really hope u can help us. We will be coming to south korea on mid march and plan for skiing. Can u suggest us any ski resort that still available during mid march so that we can enjoy skiing experience? i hope to hear a favourable reply from u soon.. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Zarina Jani says:

    by end of February to early March, mostly has closed.
    You can refer for example http://www.jisanresort.co.kr/eng/ski01_01.html

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello. We are ladies in our 40s and 50s. Can you recommend some budget hotels near Itaewon or Myeongdong area, please? Thank you.

  7. baby beaver says:

    dear kak zarina… ada sket saya nk tny, tetiba terfikir aritu..

    harga 1kg of rice kt sana brp yer? dia ada dlm pack brp kg? huhu… seriously nk tau…

    tq kak… bila free tu reply ler ^^

  8. liza says:

    Yeahhh…..nasi ni lah I mkn utk 9 hari kat korea…

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