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  1. Anonymous says:

    salam kak zarina,
    nak tnye how to find korean penpal? akak boleh suggestkan website or anything related?

    saya tgh belajar bhs korea ni and mmg baguslaa klu ada partner untuk kite practise kan.. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    JaRiNa 안녕하세요, interesting life you have there. How I wish I have the time and resources to go to S.Korea to study the language and culture aswell. As of now, I have to make do with and Korean Wiki Project. Do you any recommendation on study books for beginners? Might buy 1 or 2 during my visits this year. 감사합니다!


  3. kak mah says:

    Seronok,belajar pelbagai ilmu dan budaya di negara asing. Selamat belajar…

  4. slm anonnymous..

    sy jaja. hai 🙂 kalau awak nk cr penpal, boleh try cr dkt sini


  5. Anonymous says:

    tq jaja. noted :))


  6. Hi. interested to learn Korean language and their culture as well. Thanks for your helpful info. I wish I'll manage to be there soon ^_^

  7. baby beaver says:

    kak zarina!!!!!

    just to inform u, saya akan dtg lg ke seoul dec ni, hihi… kali ni wajib carik kedai hp free… last year saya pergi 12 hari… kali ni saya up sket, 18 hari… x dpt sebln, cm ssh je nk dpt cuti… 🙁

    so, akan trus folo blog akak sbb nk study byk lg for my longer trip this time…

    btw, psl goshiwon or haksujib tu, akak akan duduk kt sana jgk ke? klu btol2 yg akak tau dkt btol area seoul yg okay, akak post ek… sbb bile gugel, saya x brp fhm… link akak bg aritu pn dkt naver, lg la… baca bole, tp x paham, hehe…

    ok, tq kak zarina…. tgh kmpl duit ni… weee~

  8. Jack says:

    I was just wondering if you're aware of any other tour guide in Korea. I've tried to contact some that was provided (listed on this site), but a couple had ceased their operation and a few more doesn't take any group with just two people. I'd love to mindlessly walk around Korea, but, the only Korean I know is to say "Hi"… And how to introduce myself… It'd be nice if I can have someone to show me around 🙂

  9. hazziie says:

    Hi, I'll be going Korea in a month's time and I was wondering if you know places/counters where I can get buy tickets for Big bang's Big Show?

  10. Zarina Jani says:

    Baby Beaver,
    akak tak duduk di goshiwon/hasukjib sbb duduk di Incheon bersama keluarga Korean.

    kwn2 akak yg belajar di Sogang ramai yg tinggal di goshiwon/hasukjib tapi mereka minimum kena tinggal sebulan, ada yg bayar minimum 350,000 won sebulan tapi takde free food.

    Ada yg bayar 400,000 won – free b/fast n dinner (nasi + ramen + kimchi + side dishes) and ada free internet (cable, not wifi) but shared bathroom.

    600,000 won above ada private bathroom + tv + dapur kecik

    tp sume bilik ni saiz dia cume 3 meter to 4 meter squared.

  11. Nurul says:

    Hello Zarina, your blog is very informative I must say. Helped me alot when I was in Korea for a week last summer. Boleh tak kalau buat breakdown apa je untuk 300k won ni;

    Daily expenses – if you're really frugal, you can get by with 300,000 won per month. (lunch + transportation fee)

    Sebab I'm eyeing for a 3 months internship kat Seoul. Makanan+accomadation dah disediakan cuma daily expenses je sendiri. I need to start saving from now kalau nak hidup dengan pocket money RM1000 sebulan.


  12. Jack says:

    That would be awesome as well 🙂 How much are we looking at? We're basically aiming for frugal ^^

  13. moumoon says:

    hey! thank you so much for this guide! i'm looking to head to korea for my school exchange program and would like to settle there in future!
    currently studying the korean language in sg (which uses materials from kyunghee uni too) 😀

  14. inez zahra says:

    This blog is sooo useful^^ I'm going there with my bestfriends later:) Thanks for the Information, it's really useful(:

  15. joel says:

    there is something magnificient about south korea and i wish to discover it one day.

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