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I was told by my beloved readers that you can actually get better discounts from respective countries’ KTO (Korean Tourism Organisation). I am not sure how true is this cause I can’t check it personally in Malaysia.

The highest discount that I could get so far is only 10% from KTO plaza near City Hall, Seoul (you can get the coupon at any Tourist Information Center as well) or from Everland website here.

Update below as of 5th January 2016:

There is a 20% discount for foreigners (until 29th February 2016) and 40% discount (until 31st March 2016) if you opt for Everland Free Shuttle Bus package Promotion. Reduce the hassle for taking the public transport to and fro Everland and Seoul.

With 20% discount (just show your passport to eligible):  

One day ticket is 48,000won. After 4pm is 40,000won.
So after 20%, you get 38,400won / 32,000won.

With Free shuttle bus promotion:

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20% discount + Free shuttle bus* = 38,000won

*Shuttle bus ticket is normally at 12,000won (return)

The ticket price above only covers Everland and doesn’t include Carribean Bay’s admission. You can enter from 9am and spend the day till 9pm.

When I checked at the Group Ticket Office in Everland; if more than 20 people in your group you can get more discount. However, my group is about 6-8 people at most so I would never be eligible for higher discount.  🙁

How to locate Group Ticket Office?

Once you alight from the Everland Shuttle Bus, walk to the main entrance where people queue up to buy individual ticket. You can’t exchange your discount pass there, walk to the right about 100m and you will pass by the group ticket admission. You will see Group Ticket Office sign post and the office is just nearby.

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More info about the discounts for Everland here.
How to go to Everland? Details in here.


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