How to go to Everland?

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  1. Ann Khee says:

    Hi Zarina, thank you for your valuable info again 🙂

    It's the first time I learn about getting to Everland by tour bus. It's perfect for me as I'm going to travel with children. Pay bit more for convenience. No transits.

    Is 10,000 won for round trip? Bus ticket needs early reservation or can buy on spot?

    Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi do you know where to check the last bus out from Everland? both the tour bus and normal bus. I checked from the everland website, none written.

  3. Azreena says:

    Kak Zarina, last bus from Everland back to Seoul pukul berapa? Saya nak tunggu firecracker show tu 🙂

  4. Bernard says:

    Do you know when is the first bus 5002 from Gangnam to Everland and the last bus from Everland to Gangnam?

  5. Anonymous says:

    How they know that you transit from subway? Is the ticket sold at the subway is 2 in 1. Subway+Bus fare?

  6. Zarina Jani says:


    This is only if you use the T-Money card. T-Money will record your last mode of transportation within the last 30 minutes.

    So when you ride the bus to Everland, tap your T-Money card to the reader in the bus, it will automatically calculate the fare with the discount.

  7. Anonymous says:

    for sale.2 everland ticket.expired august krw 34,000/sgd 43..
    singapore only.serious buyer,drop email

  8. - says:

    do you take the same bus back to gangnam station?

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