Prayer room at Everland

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  1. kak mah says:

    Yang penting ada tempat solat,telekung kita bawa sendiri

  2. Anonymous says:

    Salam Zarina,

    K.Lily kat sini. Still ingat akak & family? Lama x update blog? Super busy? Anyway, lambat sangat awak update this prayer room, dah selamat balik pun. But next time, akak pastikan jumpa tempat solat ni. Akhirnya awak sampai Everland?. Good for you..

  3. nasujpida says:

    As Salam..selain tu mana lg ada bilik solat kat seoul? Kat Incheon Airport ada halal food tak?

  4. Zarina. Four of us nak gi Seoul from 17 to 22nd. Kami nak Kidmat guide je. How much u charge. Nak gi nami. Interesting places in Seoul discounting everland. Mungkin perlu khimat guide 3 days je. Pls respond charges My email Sarah malaysia

  5. Zarina Jani says:


    17 and 18 May I dah fully booked
    and from 19 May till 1st June I'm on not available.

  6. nas sudin says:

    thanks kak. kami baru ja smpi seoul time akak update entry ni. dan bila kami smpi di everland dptla cari bilik ni.ada sinki ja kt dlm tu. thank u so much.byk post akak y membantu.thanks!

  7. mak aiyu says:

    Salam. My friends and i are planning to go to korea on 4-7 feb 2013. We already bought the ticket. Right now we really need a tourist guide and recommendation on accommodation and interesting places that we can visit. If you are available to guide us, email me your charges and list of accommodations that we can book.

  8. Anonymous says:

    my family n i plan fr korea trip frm 17 dec to 25 dec 2012. R u available to guide? Pls advise yr charges to tq

  9. shud md noor says:

    Salam Zarina,
    Zarina provide guide sampai outside of seoul tak, Gwangju maybe?It's after raya (arrive in Incheon on 23.08.2012, morning, but but flight back to Malysia is not yet bought). So if you free on the said date, tolong email saya kat Thanks yer.

  10. says:

    We were here on last monday 26/11.. senang nak cari lepas baca post akak ni..

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