Naksan Fortress

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  1. famia says:

    squeal!! jealous oh! baru tengok tangga tu semalam. best gila diorang painting atas tangga. Have to visit this place this coming Dec ^_^

  2. fiqahlee88 says:

    waaa,best!!! btw, the flower stairs, do they have lots of it around Ihwa dong? Bcuz i don't think I found one that look this beautiful. All that I found was just almost washed away images on the stairs.

  3. rahmah omar says:

    They answered "Playing video game" … hehehe… must be with innocent look when they said this..

  4. Hime says:

    argh!! why u no write this while we were there last week?anyway, nice to meet you in reality kak! tak sangka dapat jumpa ^^
    Hyehwa subway station is actually near our guesthouse

  5. baby beaver says:

    kak zarina…

    tahnks… kali ni definitely akan ke sana, thanks sesgt…

    ada satu scen dlm drama dr. champ… saya xtau tpt tu kat mana… yg hero tu suke duduk, cm tembok tggi jgk…

    xpela, naksan fortress dolu… later nnti saya cuba carik lg tpt tu… husband pn teringin nk pegi…

    thnks kak!

  6. popcolours says:

    Rooftop prince sgt kelakar bila tiga2 hulubalang tu msk bonet..cute.

  7. puan seri says:

    salam zarina,
    bulan 11 musim apa di korea?
    akk ingat nak ke sana bulan 11…
    zarina free tak?

  8. salam akak,

    tgk gmbr rice cake bizeun dkt fb akak.nk comment dkt ctu tak boleh plak. nak tanya rice cake tu kita boleh mkn kan?


  9. Dear Zarina,

    We have written to you via your email address requesting your kind assistance to be our tourist guide during our trip to Seoul at the end of this month. We look forward to your good reply.

    Warm regards.

  10. CheQ Za says:

    arghhh super duper jeles ngan zarina sbb dapat pergi visit tempat-tempat dalam drama bersiri Rooftop Prince…

    Aigooo… bila nk sampai lagi ke Korea nih… nak melawat tempat-tempat yang menarik ni.. ;))

  11. CheQ Za says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Azie.Fauzi says:


    u in korea eh..i was there last week staying at hongyik area..jauh ker dari yr place…shud have meet u kan.,.aishhh…wat a mistake..

    korea is superb…lovely and am missing korea..need to go there 2 years time maybe 🙂

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