Goshiwon – My Personal Review

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10 Responses

  1. Dae Eira says:

    Salam sis..sy Eira, suke ngan blog akak psal korea..

    FYI, sy n husband pegi korea end of Nov ni..

    nak tanya sis ni..baget tuk couple kt Yongpyong Ski Resort agak2 berapa ye?

    sy plan kt sana 2 malam..

    1 lagi, macam mana nak pegi ke Yongpyong Ski Resort dari Korean Folk Village ye?

    ada suggestion transport tak?

    Harap sis boleh balas and dpt bantu k..terima kasih 🙂

  2. Carrie Ang says:

    Unni~ That's super expensive for a small small room 정말비싸다 >.<! I wonder how you survive there??! I wanna follow your footsteps too!! hehe..

  3. TOPIK GUIDE says:

    never lived in a Goshiwon… but wanna try once… 🙂

  4. Neng Geoliz says:

    Hallo zarina, kl hasukjib itu apa boleh cuma sewa 1 bulan saja?
    kalau sudah termasuk makan pagi dan malam, kenapa zarina gak ambil hasukjib saja? makanan di Korea kan mahal, bukannya kalau ambil hasukjib jadi lebih murah?

  5. Zarina Jani says:

    Neng Geoliz,
    hasukjib boleh sewa 1 bulan saja.
    saya tidak bisa makan benda yang sama berulang2 kali..hehe

    di goshiwon saya ada nasi dan kimchi percuma, jadi saya makan sama banchan yang di beli atau makanan dari Malaysia ^^

  6. Zarina Jani says:

    W'salam Dae Eira,

    It's gonna be expensive if you want to stay at the hotel. I suggest just make a day trip if you're on budget.
    If you wanna splurge, then to stay per night plus one day admission for ski..is more than 200,000won per pax.

    Korean folk village tu kat Yongin ke? ada banyak folk village, so tell me the exact details please.

  7. Neng Geoliz says:

    Terima kasih Zarina atas jawaban sebelumnya.
    Memangnya hasukjib itu sedia makanannya itu2 saja? saya oktober nanti akan les selama 1 bulan di sinchon.jadi bingung mau ambil hasukjib atau gosiwon.kalau hasukjib sedikit sekali informasinya di internet.Kalau beli banchan, sekali beli habis berapa? saya mau berhemat karena saya sudah browsing, harga makanan mahal2 sekali.
    Terima kasih ^^

  8. nicholas says:

    Hi just a question, have you ever came across gosiwonstory.com? do you think in your opinion that it is a credible website??

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Nicholas,

      I have never come across gosiwonstory. Personally, I would not pay anything online unless I have seen the room and the facilities of the goshiwon with my own eyes. This is because many times, I didn’t get the same feel of the room which I saw from the photos. They can be deceiving. 🙂

      My advice is to stay for a day or two at any cheap guesthouse or hostel and then ‘shop’ around for goshiwon. There are so so many of them! You can haggle the rate too. Don’t be shy.

      The best is to have a Korean friend who could do the haggling for you.
      Good luck!

  1. March 1, 2017

    […] Anyway, thanks to my Korean friend generous help I managed to bring over the huge load to the post office. Staying on the 4th floor of a goshiwon (small monthly rented room like dormitory) with no lift will burn me some calories definitely. Read my experience living in goshiwon is here. […]

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