Seoul Subway Season Pass

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  1. Chloe Chew says:

    Hi eonnie,wanna ask,i'm planning a 7-9 day trip to Seoul next year,lol I know I'm overexcited in planning but there's no over-planning right?

    So what i wanna ask is,how much will a tourist normally spend on transport(i guess I will mainly take subway and buses) per day? I allocated about 10000won which i think more than enough but seeing the season pass is cheaper than my 10000won x 9 days = 90000won allocation,by half,do you think i should get the season pass or the T-money? Will i be spending more than 46k won for subway for just 9 days in Seoul? What is the maximum no of trips you usually take for subway when you tour the city?

    Sorry for the many questions >.<

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