Iftar Ramadhan 1433 at Itaewon Mosque

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  1. MK says:

    It must be interesting to get to know Muslim from other countries 🙂 Thank you for the insight report of breaking fast in a mosque. I've learned so much from this post!

  2. salam, i really need ur help becoz i want to stay in south korea for 3 months and i want to ask about accomodations and also wanna save my budget , i adi email u , hopefully u received my email n can response me as soon as possible ya . thanks so much ya 😉

  3. Feia Kamil says:

    Love this post! I wish I could join you! But I will only be there after Raya. Perhaps we can meet up there? 🙂

  4. Nidhal says:

    I am in Suwon right now .. How can i get to this mosque .i know how to come till Seoul subway station. It will be great help if you can guide me .. Will mail you . Please reply to my mail (nidhalkh@gmail.com).

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