Where To Buy Korean Silk?

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  1. oh ye? if i know this earlier. hiks.

  2. dayang says:

    Dear..how much usually per metre..i just plan to buy some..definitely wanna stop by here..hihi

  3. Trixie Liao says:


    I would like to ask if you know the cost of purchasing Silk Hanbok from Gwangjang Market?

  4. idie says:

    I bought some korean silk for baju Kurung in Dongdaemun ^^ Instructions on how to go there:
    1. Take subway to Dongdaemun station and exit gate 9
    2. Walk straight & keep looking to your left until you saw a building with letter 'D'
    3. Enter the building, then take the stairs
    4. Enter the left door, walk forward a little bit then turn left at your first lorong.
    5. Walk straight til the end of lorong. There's a silk shop where students normally go on your right.
    6. There's a sign 'Silk for Baju Kurung'. The ahjusshi is really nice and he can speak English.
    1m = 9,000won

  5. heldahgal says:

    Hi There!
    I'll be visiting SK from 22-29th June next year
    Just wanna know abt the weather?
    Is it summer already or still in spring season?

  6. Zarina Jani says:


    the one at Gwangjang is about 82,000won for 4 meters.

    the one at Dongdaemun is about 9,000won per meter.

    but after going for both places, I could feel the quality of silk is very different!!

    the one in Gwangjang is definitely higher quality silk..u can see by the difference of price there ^^

  7. Aina says:

    may I know what time this Gwanjang market close?

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