Hongdae Graffiti – 벽화거리

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5 Responses

  1. GuardianX says:

    nanti kalo kitorang pegi sana bawak kitorang pegi tempat dinding conteng conteng ni ok

  2. Hi Zarina, I explore your blog and amazed on how you see places they way that i like. maybe becos we both has malay root? haha.
    particularly about Hongdae area, i agree with you. love the vibe so much.

  3. Dzul/Rozie says:

    Lawak gambar StarBucks tu hahaha… tah2 xprasan kot ko Zarina

    Anyway be careful lah kt sana… Kim Jong-un dh kensel peace pact dgn SK… always baca breaking news oke?

  4. haber gezi says:

    I love Korea. A different country.

  5. wow akak… how are you doing? love your notes on KOREA.. Boleh jadi tour guide ni..")


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