Yeosu-Jeju Spring 2013 Excursion – summary

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  1. Hana Maroo says:

    nice info i get fr this entry… can't wait to be in Korea

  2. Nur Aqilah says:

    Salam akak..insyaallah g jeju nexr year tp mmg backpacker habis. Xde tour guide..ckp korea pun x reti.. hihi. Tapi thanks to akak sbb kan akak pny blog saya lh bayangkan nanti cmne nanti saya kt jeju.. tp saya dri busan..hopefully akak lh tolong kami 🙂

  3. Gavin Smith says:

    Your trip was really well planned, our company provides best and affordable car hire services in South Korea. So one can book a car online and enjoy the wonderful locations in country.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hye sis… 😉 blh tak listkan mana snack yg halal d makan kt cafe Paris Baguette tuu.. dua tahun lps pnh msk kt area itaewon.. tp tak brani nk beli.. ;(…

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