Go-To-Mall Shopping Heaven

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha so no chance for a plus size la nampaknya!


  2. Sungrin Shim says:

    Kak, when are you coming back to Malaysia?

  3. shazwina says:

    Ah, yg ni Gangnam underground shopping centre ye? ITS HEAVEN hahaha.. Even comparable to the one in Busan =) Went here last year, mula2 salah tempat, went to a the place yg dekat dunkin donuts, thought it was THE underground shopping center that people were raving about so disappointedlah sbb xde ape2 sgt.. Dh hbs round situ, was about to balik then baru nampak ramai org walking to another door/gate jauh sket. Decided to check it out and BAM! bersinar-sinar mata *o* tgk rupeny nilah underground shopping centre yg org cakap2kan hahaha~ Btw, I'll miss your updates on your life in South Korea K Zarina!!!

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