AirAsia Busan Route – To Fly or Not to Fly

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  1. mez095 says:

    how about 1st time to Seoul?
    its possible i'm get lost?

  2. Zarina Jani says:


    Hardly, there are so many signboards in English around Seoul.

    my tip: It's better to stick to Seoul subway as your primary transportation mode.

  3. eL_kZ says:

    nasib baik akak bagitau pasal hal ni
    baru ingat nak ke sana dulu.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hihi, thanks for all your posts! 🙂
    For couchsharing , what type of gift would you recommend that we bring for the host?
    Strictly no cash involved?

  5. tiket KTX ni patut beli online ke atau lagi ok beli di kaunter?

  6. Moon says:

    Thanks for the advice but I've already purchased the ticket from kl-busan >.<
    I was wondering, if i spend either 2 days at Busan is it enough to explore the place?

  7. HaruDH says:

    huaaa..akakk..i bought the tix 2months earlier bfore akak published entry ni..kl-busan..apa2 pn,dh terbeli dgn xfikir pjg, kene redah gak laa..huhuhu

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