How To Purchase ITX Train Ticket to Nami Island

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  1. Sx says:

    Hi Zarina. Their normal subway can also reach that place right? I think that was what i did, but is their any difference?? *confused 0.0a

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we just buy the ITX ticket at the station when we are going instead of buying it in advance?

  3. Zarina Jani says:


    Of course you can buy ticket at the station..but most of the time it's either they were sold out or you have to wait about an hour for the next train.

    Check ITX train schedule first before you go..cause normally it's once every hour on the weekday..and twice or once every hour on the weekend.

  4. Zukifli says:


    To ITX station from Myaendong how far ye? And which station?

  5. fiqahlee88 says:

    akak, best time in April around brapa hb? ingt nk g lg,family trip pulakk.. akak ada kt sna lg x time tu?

  6. ArinZaly says:


    I am trying to book train tix online but seems to be fully booked for morning schedule to Nami Island from Yongsan.
    Any alternative way to Nami Island other than by train?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Nadia says:

    Hello! Will the ticket be a retun ticket or just a one-way?

    If it’s one-way, do we have to buy th return ticket again?

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Nadia..this is one way ticket.
      You can buy the return ticket on advance in Seoul or when you finish your tour of Nami Island and purchase the return ticket at Gapyeong station.

  8. Dina Oktarina Ibrahim says:

    hi, may name is consist of 3 words, and I’m confused since the coloumn can’t type space. is it okay if I just type my “first” first name and my last name?

  9. darl says:

    Hi. i plan to purchase 5 tickets. but it only asked for one name and one passport details. will they give me all 5 tickets?

  10. HP says:

    Hi, I have made the booking a week ago using my credit card. And I am able to retrieve the booking online. But the amount has not been charged to my credit card yet. Does it usually take this long?

  11. Adele says:

    Hi If I am staying near city hall station, does that mean i take the subway down to yongsan station and transfer from there to the direct train?

  12. Nerizza says:


    I plan to go to Nami island too by heading to Gapyeong. If I don’t have a printer here, can I show my booking confirmation on my phone, and with my passport, to the counter staff, or print out the ticket at some e-kiosk?


  13. diana says:

    hi, i still blur. Do i need to go to subway at yongsan station . and i need to find itx train cheongchun line to gapyeong station. Coz i try to go the korea subway click from yongsan to gapyeong the cost is 2000+ won. can u explain to me . thank u

  14. Tien says:


    Great information you have provided here!
    Anyway, I planned to reserve my ITX tickets to Gapyeong via online, do I have to exit Cheongnyangi subway station to exchange for the actual ITX tickets? Or I can do it through the linkway between the subway and ITX station?

    Thank you!

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Tien,
      Yes, you need to exit from the Cheongnyangi subway station and go to the main Cheongnyangi station (connected to Lotte Department Store) to exchange for the actual ITX tickets and then take the ITX train from there.

  15. Suet Jane Woo says:

    Hi. I’m from Malaysia and I’ve just booked my ITX Train reservations via online at Korail website. No charges has been made on the credit card at the moment. Will it charge on my credit card later or I need to pay them at the counter for actual ticket exchange?
    Thank you!

  16. Alia says:

    Hi Zarina,

    Can we collect the ticket on the same day we take the train? or need to collect it one day before?

  17. Lisa Pang says:

    Hi Zarina,
    How to go from Euljiro4(Sa)-ga station to Nami Island? Any direct ITX train?

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Lisa,

      No direct ITX train.
      From Euljiro 4, interchange ate City Hall station to line 1 and go to Yongsan station.
      From there, take ITX to Gapyeong Station (Nami Island).

  18. K Yang says:

    Hi! 🙂

    I’d just like to ask if we can buy the ITX tickets in a subway station a couple of days before the scheduled train instead of purchasing it online? We already exchanged our money to Korean won so we’d prefer to pay by cash instead of card to avoid bank charges, if possible.


  19. Mellisa says:

    hi, do we have to pay using credit card if we want to book ITX ticket?

  20. Anna Mintoro says:

    hi, if we booking online for ITX train ticket from Wangsimni to Gapyeong, can we exchange the actual ITX ticket in Wangsimni station, or we must exchange in Yongsan Station?

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Anna,
      There is an ITX service from Wangshimni Station to Gapyeong Station but ITX train will only go to Gapyeong three times a day from Wangshimni at 6.13pm, 7.13pm and 8.13pm which are not a suitable time to visit Nami Island. Unless you plan to overnight at Gapyeong, can exchange your actual ticket at Wangshimni for the time that I have listed.

  21. Yvonne says:


    Further inquiry into the return ticket from nami island. Where would we purchase this then? Would we just go to any station and purchase this prior to going to nami island?

    Many thanks,

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      You may book the return ticket from Gapyeong station to Yongsan / Cheongnyangni station on the same website. Both ticket to and from Gapyeong will be printed out for you when you collect them at Yongsan / Cheongnyangni station.

  22. Danilo DI says:

    Hi Zarina!

    We plan to take the 7am trip to Gapyeong Stn and arrive around 8am. Is there any other mode of transport from GS to Nami Island Stn at that time since the tourist bus arrives at GS around 9am yet? And how much would the fare cost if there is?


    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Danilo DI,
      There are taxis right in front of Gapyeong Station. One way per ride is about 4,000 won to Gapyeong jetty where you can board the ferry.

  23. Jam says:

    Hello zarina I would like to thank you because your blog is very informative it really helped me because some blogs were kinda confusing. Btw if i take the taxi to nami island station would their be taxis going back to gapyeong station? Also the gapyeong city tour bus ticket can be unlimited rides from nami island to petite to Morning calm? sorry lots of quetionsss

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Jam,
      Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

      The taxi from Gapyeong Station will drop you off at Gapyeong Jetty. Here, you can ride the ferry to Nami Island.

      Once you finish visiting the island, you will take the ferry again back to the Gapyeong Jetty.

      You will take the taxi at Gapyeong Jetty back to Gapyeong Station at the same point where the taxi driver drop you off the first time at Gapyeong Jetty.

      The Gapyeong city tour bus ticket is charged per day and is for unlimited rides.

  24. azyan says:

    Hi zarina, when u made payment using credit card, how much is the processing fee? is it expensive for international transaction?
    thankyou in advance! 😀

  25. Rin says:

    Hi Zarina!

    Is there a way to select our seats via the online booking for ITX-Chuncheon? I am assigned seats 6-5C and 6-5D but would like to take the upper deck seats on car 4/5 🙁

    Can we also collect the tickets 1 day before? (So that it will not be too rushed the next morning) Do you know the opening hours of the ITX counter at cheongyangni station?

    Thanks for your advice!!

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Rin,
      On the website it is not possible, but you may be able to request for seats if you buy them at the counter.
      Yes, You may collect them a day ahead.
      They start early. You can come at 7 am in the morning up to 10 at night.

  26. Thu says:

    Hi. In my case, I’m booking one week ahead and the select button is greyed out. Is there any other way to buy the ticket at that time? If I buy it directly at the booth, will there be chance that the ticket is still available? Please help.

  27. Huan Nguyen says:

    First of all, I would like to say thanks to you for helpful efford you spend here. Your information is so great, it helps me a lot when planning for my trip.

    Besides, I have some questions that I really need your help. I tried to search on the internet but I couldn’t find out any information for my case.

    1. My family will come to Seoul on Oct 26. And I plan to visit Nami on Oct 27. I reserve a train at 7:00. It’s too early. Therefore, I intend to redeem real ticket at Seoul Station on Oct 26 (1 day advance). Is it OK? Is there any ITX office at Seoul station?

    2. When I book tickets online, the system gives me 5 tickets on my computer. The ticket include car number, seat, name, bar code, etc. Can I print them out and use them directly, without redeem real tickets at the station?

    Thank you very much for your kind help. My family has 2 children, so I try my best to plan as detail as possible.

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Nguyen,

      1- I normally reedemed the ITX ticket at one of these ITX stations either in Yongsan Station or Cheonggyangni Station. However for issuance of ticket,
      Seoul station´s ticket officer should be able to print them out for you. (correct me if I am wrong)

      2- This is something that I have not done before because at the gate before we can enter the platform for ITX, there will be an officer who will check your ticket. But sometimes, they were not there, and the gate is not an automatic sensor gate but one which needs a person to open them. If it is not locked, you can just push them. If it is locked, you definitely need assistance.

      • Huan Nguyen says:

        Thanks for your quick response!

        For #1, I find out therer is a ITX ticket booth at Seoul station. I may go there to exchange the real ticket if needed.

        For #2, I believe that I didn’t describe clearly, so you misunderstood my question. I meant that in the past, after booking online, the Korail system would send us an confirmation. Then we need to show this confirmation at the ticket booth and get the real ones. However, as I’ve booked this afternoon, the Korail system sent me 5 tickets, not a confirmation form. They all look like real tickets. Therefore, I guess that they upgraded the system, and now they sent us the real tickets. We don’t need to go to the ticket booth and exchange like before. That’ what I guess. And I asked you about that.

        Thank you very much for your help!!!

        • Arlen says:

          Hi Huan Nguyen, I’ve also tried to book online and I only have received the tickets. I was wondering whether we still need to present the tickets at the counter or I can just use these tickets that they’ve sent to me.

  28. Lam says:

    Hi, May i know can we take the ITX from cheongpyeong station to Yongsan station? Thankyou 🙂

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Hi Lam,

      Yes you may, but there are only 4 trains running on this schedule from Cheongpyeong to Yongsan.
      08:07 am, 14:39 pm, 20:04 pm and 21:39 pm.

      If you miss them, then just take the normal subway from Cheongpyeong back to Seoul.

  29. Emily says:


    Is it ok if I buy Cheongpyeong Sta.-Yongsan Sta. ticket by ITX-Cheongchun since the 9th tour bus from garden of morning calm would only go as far to Cheongpyeong Terminal?

    • zarinajanikorea says:

      Yes, you can buy the ITX ticket from Cheongpyeong Stn. However, there are only 4 schedule of ITX train from Cheongpyeong to Yongsan,
      08:07 am, 14:39 pm, 20:04 pm and 21:39 pm. If you miss them, then just take the normal subway from Cheongpyeong back to Seoul.

  30. eelynn says:

    Saya tertarik pasal naik ITX Ke Nami Island.
    soalan saya
    1) Yongsan Station katanya agak besar. agak2 untuk yang mudah tak nak cari kaunter ITX?
    2) Kalau kata kita terlepas train ITX ni, adakah kita boleh guna tiket tu naik train yang seterusnya?
    3) Boleh ke kita collect ticket ITX awal dari date yang kita booking.


  31. emily says:


    Sy dah cari2 tapi masih tak jumpa2 lagi samada tiket ITX ni boleh beli guna debit kad ke tak. Sebab sy ni takde kad kredit.

    Nak beli kat kaunter pula, takut pula terlambat seat dah habis.

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