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20. S5:Hukum Sebenar Memegang Khinzir/Anjing? 0

20. S5:Hukum Sebenar Memegang Khinzir/Anjing?

Listen from 7.46 minutes onwards about eating from the same plates (utensils) which have been used to cook / serve pork (khinzir).


How To Pray In Korea?

In general, how to pray when or during traveling, be it in your own country or foreign country. FYI, I am a Muslim and Islam is my faith. If you are not one, this post might be unrelated for some of you. This is quite an sensitive issue to approach...


Cheap Korean Bag 10,000 won

Whenever I brought tourists around Seoul, one of the items that they would like to buy is cheap but Grade A or high quality imitation brand-named bag. They claimed that Korea produces the best imitation bag and it’s cheaper compared to Malaysia. Hmm..honestly, I’m not into brand names and luxurious...


Prayer room at Everland

For Muslims going to Everland, there’s a prayer room/ 기도실 next to Mystery Mansion. There is no signboard outside the steel door though. This signboard is inside the room..true but not appropriately done ^^ No spot to perform the ablution so do it at any other restroom. They provide a...