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Durumi bird watching, Gangwondo

A week before mid term, Min Young’s dad brought the whole family to Gangwondo for Durumi watching. Min Young told me it was a bird and she phrased the rhyme occassionally spoken by Hyun Bin in Secret Garden.   Red crowned crane or 두루미 is symbolizes luck, longevity and fidelity. ...

Ski Resorts in South Korea : Gangwondo 0

Ski Resorts in South Korea : Gangwondo

My favourite season will always be autumn but winter is no better. Most Malaysians dream of going to Korea because of Hallyu wave, thanks to Bae Yong Jun from Winter Sonata 겨울 연가 and to experience different season, of course. ^^ As my friend Yani once told me; “I want...

A visit to North Korea 0

A visit to North Korea

Hehe..almost! The nearest I went was Imjingak. Min Young and I missed the last bus to DMZ, hence we couldn’t visit North Korea, I mean the border. ^_^Imjingak (임진각, pronounced Ihm-jin-gak)located on the banks of the Imjin River in the city of Paju, South Korea. The park has many statues...