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Seodaemun Prison History Museum

When you intend to visit KPop or KDrama’s filming spot, why not reminisce on something closer to Koreans’ heart? Back to the old times. Shall we? Let’s visit Seodaemun Prison History Museum Can you believe that these pictures of Seodameun Prison are three years recently? They were taken on a white,...


MBC Dramia – Yongin

Are you a ‘sageuk’ Korean drama fan? Make sure that you visit MBC Dramia at Yongin to get the full blast of experience of sageuk! 사극 ‘sageuk’ means historical drama. I am for one is not a fan not until after I discovered Kim Nam Gil, my 동생 in the...


Kim Sam Soon Staircase

I’m not a 사생팬 or you may call a crazy lunatic fan but I have this huge curiosity on why people come to Korea because of Hallyu Wave and K-Drama. Some people would just throw the answer to my face as..그냥…”just because”…but I can’t accept that as an answer. I beg to...