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Volunteer in Seoul

Why not be a kindred spirit for your trip to Korea this time? Do something different by being a volunteer in Seoul and get to know the ‘real’ Korea instead of the usual limelight. I realize that there are some of you who not only visit Korea once but a...

Volunteering in Korea : Part 2 0

Volunteering in Korea : Part 2

It’s kinda weird to suggest volunteering in your itineraries if your intention of exploring Korea is mostly about having fun and pampering yourself, right? ^^ But, volunteering is almost on top of my list when I want to travel. I have this weird notion that you don’t need a lot of money to...


Volunteering in Korea: Part 1

Picture from Recently, I contacted one of this blog readers; Miera who had volunteered at Molly’s Home Holt Ilsan Orphanage in Ilsan, South Korea. I was totally inspired and awed by her patience and willingness to present her love and time for the needy there. The kind hearted Miera has agreed to...