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Cold Korean Soy Bean Noodle

This was my first and probalby will be the last cold Korean soy bean noodle. So be warned. Why did I try to even have a sip? Actually, the night before savouring this I just randomly chose the only 5 available channels on my Korean television and one of it...


Honam Sikdang at Namdaemun

Sorry for the lack of updates and those who have emailed me, I’m sorry to say that I’d really really like to answer all emails but I’m swamped with class, tests and tour guide. Appreciate if you could download the FAQ and exhaust the search option from the blog. This...


Claypot Sujebi at Insadong

It was snowing quite heavily yesterday afternoon. The temperature rised a few degrees but it was still chilly. Not much difference. Snowfall in Insadong. By now I have bought a least 4 pairs of winter gloves but lost them all, either I misplaced them while riding the subway or left them...