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Korea Museum Furniture

This post is dedicated to a lovely chinggu from Singapore, Yani. Love you mucho my friend. She invited me to visit Korea Museum Furniture (KOFUM) during the summer heat of July, 2012 and since I was going to have a company to visit a rather different kind of museum, so...


War Memorial of Korea

Syahir and his family Guys would definitely like War Memorial of Korea. I am kinda tomboyish at heart myself…so I prettttty like this kind of museum. There are so many tankers, fighter jets, helicopters… to check out. Awesome!! If you see the two soldiers statue behind them (the picture above),...


Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall

If you ever found Kim Sam Soon’s staircase, which is nearby Namsan cable car station, don’t forget to visit Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall which is situated about 100 meters away from the highest step of Kim Sam Soon’s staircase. Who is Ahn Jung Geun? “An Jung-geun or Ahn Jung-geun (September 2,...