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How To Go From Yongsan to Nami Island

A blog reader recently asked for the direction on how to go from Yongsan to Nami Island. Question: “Hi, I still blur. Do I need to go to subway at yongsan station?  and you need to find ITX train cheongchun line to gapyeong station? Coz I try to go the...


How to Go to Nami Island: By Subway

This post will only cover transportation by subway and train to Nami Island. There’s another faster way now, by ITX train to Nami Island here. How to go to Nami Island by subway will cover routes from a few major subway stations where normally many tourists stay around during their visit....


How to go to Nami Island

  Official Website: http://www.namisum.com/ Transportation detail: Location For those who are quite skeptical to go to Nami Island using public transportation due to various reasons like: 1-what if I miss the train station? (*this happened to me ^^ *) 2-what if I don’t know how to speak Korean? couldn’t read the...