Tongyeong – Part 1

I went to explore Tongyeong on foot as early as 0830hours. The weather was chill but I like it. Sunny but chill which was different back home in Malaysia. Malaysia is always warm or rainy.
I walked a good half day alone cause Danielle was at Tongyeong Girls Middle School teaching. I just followed the map and the scenery was magnificent. You never realize that you’re tired! ^__^

Danielle’s home.

A small alley.

Neighbor’s growing cabbages and etc beside her home. I love green!

The children going to school – Inpyeong elementary school. They have co-ed for elementary but most middle and high-schools are separated either boys or girls.

The girls crossing the road.

They were late and the discipline teacher was about to close the gate. Hahaha..
School starts at 0830 hours. Malaysia 0730 hours..Aigoo..hehe.

Gyeongsang Dae Hakyo – Gyeongsang marine university’s main gate.

Tonyeong is all about marine activity.

Gyeongsang university from far.

Fishermen getting ready for a catch.

The awesome Tongyeong Grand Bridge.

Welcome to Tongyeong. This changes color at night.

Changnyangmyo Shrine.

Seoho Market.
Tongyeong Ferry Terminal.

Hansan Hotel.

I love watching the big ships.

Tongyeong city tour for those with limited time but I would rather walk. ^__^

An Ahjumma drying the fish.

0 thoughts on “Tongyeong – Part 1

  1. Hello there!

    I am planning my trip to Tongyeong and I am wondering if you think a 1 day trip would be good enough to explore the whole city? I'll reach there probably at around 9am and leave at about 6pm!

  2. Hi Siew,

    Yup, one day is enough if you know where u r going to.

    but I love the city because so many artists – poets and painters who come from Tongyeong so I love to take my time slowly over there ^^

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