I ran away from my host’s house in Gwangcheon

All I can say is that..it was really a shitty experience.
I am glad that I met Yong Jun and we escaped this house together early in the morning.
Hanim, if you ever read this, we were asked to pull out all the radishes like crazy yesterday!!
And omoni even had the face to ask us to do Kimjang till late in the morning!!
I feel so shitty now..
I am now in Cheonan station going for Busan in another 20 minutes to escape this craziness.

0 thoughts on “I ran away from my host’s house in Gwangcheon

  1. Kak Zarina, thanks for sharing your experience. I am thinking of doing WWOOF too this summer and when I read your post about the host in Gwangcheon, it is definitely a place to avoid! I also found another blogger saying the same thing about the place. At first she thought the family was nice, but then when she got really sick, they still made her work..that is just beyond words..anyway,here's her post and she talked to Jade about it…


  2. Nyssnisacha,

    If you want to wwoof, I suggest that you find any review on the internet first before going.

    There are plenty farms that are not so crazy as this one.

    However, you must expect that wwoofing/farming is not an easy job as we are not farmers in the first place.

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