Sindang dong tteokpokki

Sindang Station , exit 8.
3 people eat – 12,000 won.
Result – so yummy and clean plate..miahaha

0 thoughts on “Sindang dong tteokpokki

  1. Hi Safuaria,
    nama kedai tu tak ingat lah..
    tapi yg pasti ada gambo nenek tua besar sgt2 dpn kedai tu..

    tak susah nk order sbb menu dia ada satu je..tteokpokki
    dekat dinding dia ada tulis
    untuk 1 org / 2 org, etc bapa rega dia..

    just bgth nk bape org..nanti dia bg la how much portion tu.

  2. hi, can we drink the coffee (black) and tea in korea? drinking coffee in one of the cool cafes would be memorable. but not sure how to ensure that it is halal…

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