How to cook Kimchi Jeon

I love lempeng (Malaysian pancake)!! Hehe…I asked Nandida to make Kimchi Jeon cause I missed my mom’s lempeng.

Malaysian Pancake = lempeng

Basic ingredients for Kimchi Jeon
plain flour or jeon flour(buchim garu)
kimchi gukmul (kimchi water)***

Good to have:
green onions

Kimchi gukmul***: Water that kimchee generates as it gets fermented. I guess we can call it kimchi water.

Put all the ingredients in one bowl

Mix it well
My two teachers
Fry it in the pan, preferably non stick
We need 2 pans cause the eaters are more than the maker ^^
Yummy…always good during rainy days.
Tasting time!! Marvellous!
Omma..I can smell it even in my dream ~

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