3 Months Itinerary in South Korea

3 Months Itinerary in South Korea from September 29th until December 26th 2009

I received an email from a reader of my blog for my 3 months itinerary in South Korea. FOR MALAYSIAN: There is a 90 days tourist visa agreement between Malaysia and South Korea and for those who want to do backpacking and stay longer in South Korea, this is a good news.

This is also one of the reason why I decided to visit Korea rather than Japan; because of VISA. Japan lost me on this one..hehe.

Initially my aim is to use only RM 5,000 for the whole journey but it busted around RM 1,000 extra.

Places that I’ve been to in the order below within 90 days :
Seoul – 5 days
Bonghwa – 2 weeks
Busan – 4 days
Geoje Island – 5 days
Tongyeong – 3 days
Jinju –  1 day
Gwangju – 5 days
Seoul – 1 week
Gwangcheon – 2 weeks
Jinbu – 3 weeks
Busan – 5 days
Gyeongju – 1 day
Seoul – 5 days

I excluded Jeju island eventhough I have heard many raved reviews about it solely because the timing was not right at that time and so many warm and kind people urging me to stay longer with them. No worries, I could come again for Jeju island in future, right?

RM 2,000 – I bought the ticket from Malaysia Airlines (You could actually reduce this flight fare significantly by using Air Asia to Manila and CebuPacific to Incheon – around RM 1,000 return ticket)

RM 3,000 + 1,000(extra) – food, transportation, lodging
I used couchsurfing.com extensively which offers free lodging and did WWOOF for free food and lodging. Hence, the reason why I was able to travel in Korea with that budget.

Click the link for my How-To explanation about Couchsurfing and WWOOF in South Korea.

Please be reminded that I am not a shopaholic so this budget might not be agreeable to those who are. ^^

10 thoughts on “3 Months Itinerary in South Korea

  1. hi…
    is it possible to do a 3months trip in s.korea with the budget of rm5000. i mean when you're a foreigner at the country, and so much stuff that you would like to do over there…

  2. Hi anonymous,
    Definitely possible.
    If you are willing to pinch as much as possible from your budget.

    Are you from Malaysia? If you are, AirAsia offers cheap flights from time to time. If you'd wait for the year end '0 ringgit sale', you might be able to secure a return ticket to seoul for RM250 tax inclusive. Crazy right? ^^

    The flight ticket will determine how much money you can save.

    Plus your plan, I suggest you do couchsurfing, wwoof and volunteerism. I have written much about those in the blog. Do take some time to go through over it.


  3. hello 🙂 can I ask about the budget to go to korea? 🙂
    I'm also from Malaysia 🙂 if I want to go to Korea, how roughly I should bring over my pocket money to Korea?
    especially if I don't have any travel agency to guide me. it is just a one person trip. 🙂

    can you roughly give any estimate number that how much money should I bring? 🙂 especially I love shopping 😀

  4. Hi Aqilah,
    if you read the post carefully, the budget does not include shopping and I chose to stay either in hostel/ budget guesthouse.

    of course, with the fluctuating forex rate and inflation the price may differ.

  5. HI kak Zarina…

    saya nk tnya waktu kak zarina brda di immgresn.. diorg ada check brpa duit yg akak bawak x? memndangkan 3 bulan kan satu tempoh yg agak lama… sebb ada org ckp klau kita stay lama immgresen akan check sgla bnda.. sbb saya akan kesana slma 3 bulan krja di guesthouse sana..
    thanks kak… =)

  6. Hi Zuruelian,

    You must have known that it is illegal to work in Korea with tourist visa, right?

    However, if you have return ticket, contact person (better to be a Korean), place to stay and itinerary of what you want to do in Korea. (Don't tell that you want to work)

    The immigration has never once asked me how much money I brought over.

  7. Hello, my name is alisa from indonesia,
    I was wondering how did u write your application did u really write that u will stay in korea for 80+ days? What about a certificate of employment? How do you explain about the 3 months leave?
    Thank you

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