Seoul Metro

This is a list of subway stations in Seoul which I had been to before. I think it might be helpful for you to know them when you travel.

All the stations’ names are equipped in English but if you get lost and uncertain how to pronounce the station’s name, it might be good if you have it in Hangul.

Imagine yourself, lost in Seoul Metropolis. You hold a piece of paper with subway station’s name written in Hangul. Then, show it to the passersby with a smiling face for direction. The probability of non English speaking Korean helping you or even leading you directly to the station will be higher.  ^^ Bingo!

Subway – jihachol – 지하철
Station – yok – 역
Note: The ‘o’ sounds in ‘yok’ and ‘jihachol’ is pronounce as ‘jaw’ in English.

Anguk – 안국
Apgujeong – 앞구정

Cheongnyangni   (Seoul Metro) – 청량리

Gangbyeon – 강변

Gwanghamun – 광화문

Gyeongbokgung – 경복궁

Hoegi – 회기

Myeong-dong – 명동

Noryangjin – 노량진

Samseong  – 삼성

Yaksu – 약수

Yongsan – 용산

Note: The ‘o’ sound in ‘Yongsan’ is pronounced similar to the ‘o’ of ‘low’ in English
Check the rest of the stations that I have listed in here.

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  1. Hi Zarina,

    I love your blog. I am Li Li from Penang. I am going to Seoul-GyeongJu this Nov 10-17th.Hope u can give me some infor. If u r still there, we can visit you with some Malaysian delicacy…Sambal Belacan n Baba curry powder perhaps.

  2. Hi Lili,
    I'm glad that you love the blog.
    Nov 10 to 17th is pretty cold. Make sure you bring enough warm clothes.

    Gyeongju will be nice because the autumn is at its peak. If you love historical sites, allocate 2 days for Gyeongju.

    I would love Sambal Belacan and the curry but I'm already in Malaysia now. Thanks Lili.

    Check out my post for 7 days itinerary

    You can always email me for more info ^^

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