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How to register for Korean TOPIK Exam

I have been asked by an avid Korean language learner who happened to visit my blog on how I registered for the recent Korean Language TOPIK exam. Here’s the step. However this may be applicable ONLY for Malaysians.

FYI, Korean TOPIK exam is held twice a year; April and September. Registration should be done 2 months ahead. For April, you should register in February and for September exam you should register in July. It’s better for you to check either of the sites below for accurate registration dates.


All notification will be put up on both websites as above.
The exam will be done in Pusat Pengajian Bahasa dan Linguistik, UKM – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor. Please bring 2 IC photos and RM80 for registration fee.

How to go :

From the North and South highway take Bangi exit. After that you will see the roundabout, take 12 o’clock exit. Then go straight and you will see another roundabout, take 3 o’clock exit. Go straight and you will find the entrance to UKM. Register yourself at the guard post and the security guard will guide you to Pusat Pengajian Bahasa & Linguistik.

Address: Pusat Pengajian Bahasa & Linguistik, FSSK, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM, Bangi 43600, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia

Person in charged:

Ryu Seung Wan 03-8921-6556
Mrs. Haslina 03-8921-6476
Please call during office hours : 9am to 5pm.

Check my post on Korean TOPIK Exam to download past year’s paper.

31 thoughts on “How to register for Korean TOPIK Exam

  1. Hi Ms. Zarina,

    I am a Filipino, and is it possible to take TOPIK exam in UKM even though I am not a Malaysian citizen? nor do I live in Malaysia.. thanks.

  2. Hi again,

    i've seen the link that you have posted. However, the Topik exam is for the Filipinos who wants to work in Korea. I am wondering if the content of the exam is the same as the S-Topik exam. The exam date is different as well. Based on your blog and what i've researched, topik exams are scheduled on April and September. Is it possible if i register and take the exam in Malaysia? or do i only have to take the Topik exam offered in our country.

    Many thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Cristina,

    I can't really confirm the exact location in Manila but if you check the update from Korean topik exam website at It says that you could sit for the exam in Manila.

    Maybe you could call the Language Dept in UST, Manila to know whether they organize the exam.

    Otherwise, you can always call Korean embassy in Manila for more info. ^^

  4. Hi Ms. Zarina,

    Thank you for your help and the information that you have given to me. I will try your suggestion.

    Thank you and nice meeting you as well..

  5. Hi i have some questions:Where i can find a list with all the countries that are holding this exam???and how much is the exam??

    And also i wonder if you can give me some advice because i am want to learn you know some good books?or maybe programs?

    Thank you so much

  6. Hi,
    You can go to to find the list of the countries holding the exam. Just change the language to English and you can find the test sites.

    The fees depends on the countries. Like in Malaysia it is RM80.

    Please refer to Learn Korean tab just under the blog title to see my recommended programs.

  7. bole tanya x? camne nk register ek? kna pegi UKM je? kat ctu terus isi borang. camtu k? x clear la, bole tolong terang kan. saya ingat nak amik exam bulan september nanti. 🙂

  8. Assalam, Miss Zarina.

    Saya nak tanye, kalo nk ambik TOPIK ni, ada syarat umur tak? tak kisah ke dh bkerja ke masih blaja ke… Sy minat blaja bhs korea nie… skrg nie pun sy tgh blaja bhs korea tp belum pass sgt..hehehe..

  9. Hi.I would like to know when is the deadline for the registration for TOPIK on april? May i know have any link to know more info about how TOPIK go through in UKM? Hope to see your reply soon. Have a good day. Thank you.

  10. hi! ur blog has been really helpful. i am planning on learning korean and taking the exam. do u self study? how did u manage to self study and be good at it? how should i study and where to get the materials from?

  11. Hello there
    When is the September 2012 exam?
    Can give me a exact date because September 2012 I will be going for my internship. Thanks

  12. Hi! I'm sorry, i found out the answer about where to download the form 🙂 You can ignore my previous comment. Thank you, 고마워요!

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