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My Korean S-TOPIK Exam Result

Hohoho..Merry Christmas!

Here is the result for my Korean S-TOPIK exam (19th installment) for beginner level which I sat on the third Hari Raya (12th September).  Jjajang!! giving myself a pat at the back..자리나, 잘 했어! 수고 했어!

TOPIK stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean.
S means Standard.

Vocabulary and grammar – 96/100
Writing – 85/100
Listening – 90/100
Comprehension – 80/100 (Hmm..I should read more and understand more. Hwaiting!)
I got grade 2 – high beginner!  Yeay!
Each Korean TOPIK level is evaluated with different grades to determine the proficiency as below:
Beginner level – grade 1 and 2
Intermediate level – grade 3 and 4
Advance level – grade 5 and 6 
Grade 2, 4 and 6 are more proficient than grade 1,3 and 5. 
As of right now, I’m preparing to take the intermediate level which is much harder than it seems to be and I don’t know if I have much time left when April comes. Thanking Min Young and Mi Hyeon onni for their patience on teaching me Korean and conversing in broken Korean for my sake..hehe. 
Check out the TOPIK official website here for past year’s paper and our good friend; Satish has done a good job on updating everything related to the TOPIK exam at his blog http://www.topikguide.in/

0 thoughts on “My Korean S-TOPIK Exam Result

  1. salam akak.. congrats..

    nak tanya, dah try download dr blog satish to previous TOPIK paper, xleh la…

    akak belajar korean language brp lama sblm amik exam tu?

  2. w'salam yan,
    it took me about 6 months to do self study. bormally i download the TOPIK papers directly from the official website. you can check it from the learn korean tab of this blog

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