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22nd TOPIK Exam on April 2011

Another TOPIK exam will be held on April 2011 and this one is gonna be the 22nd. Those who are keen to sit for the exam, you need to register between 26th January and 10th February 2011 at your designated sites.

For Malaysians: UKM – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Don’t come empty handed. ^^ You must bring:

  • 2 IC photos
  • RM80 for the fee
  • A black pen to fill up the form

Check out my post on how to register for TOPIK exam.

Me before the exam

0 thoughts on “22nd TOPIK Exam on April 2011

  1. Hi,
    I have called Language Institute of UKM this morning, I was informed that Korean embassy has not given any announcement yet for registration.

    Please check the announcement from UKM naver blog.

  2. hai…i am also interested in taking the exam this time. May i know that is the registration places are limited? i mean can i go to ukm and register after the Chinese new year because i am in my hometown now which is far away from bangi.

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