Incheon Airport to Seoul Station by AREX

No more worries. Hakuna Matata..heheh.

Now, with the completion of the second phase of AREX from Gimpo Airport straight to Seoul Station, the travel time from Incheon Airport to city center is further reduced by 15~20 minutes. Check out my post – Seoul Subway Fare Calculation By Naver. Previously, you need around 93 minutes to Myeongdong and with a few transfers but now it takes about  72 minutes and only one transfer. ^^
AREX, spelled A’REX as a brand name, is a South Korean railway line that links Seoul with Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport. The extension to Seoul Station opened December 29, 2010.” – Source: Wikipedia

I wanna thanks Fraulein for her query, if not I will not realize this important fact.

How to go to Incheon Airport to Jongno-3-ga subway Station?

인천국제공항 – Incheon gukje gonghang – Incheon International Airport
서울역 – Seoul Yeok – Seoul Station

종로3가 – Jongno Sam ga – Jongno 3 ga
Duration: 1 hour  14 minutes
Station stops: 11
Distance: 60.9km
T-Money: 3,700 won
Cash: 3,800 won.
How much will it be if you take the limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Jongno?
13,000 ~ 14,000 won.
Saving: 13,000 ~14,000 – 3,800 =  9,200 10,200 won (Kaching!!) ^^

There are 2 type of AREX services:

From Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport
Express – 28 minutes
Commuter – 33 minutes

From Incheon Airport to Seoul Station
Express – 43 minutes (run every half an hour) – 13,300 won
Commuter – 53 minutes (run every 6 minutes) – 3,700 won

Comparison with other mode of transportation
Airport Limousine Bus – 70 minutes-10,000~14,000 won
Taxi – 60 minutes – 60,000~70,000 won
Private car – 60 minutes-15,000~16,000 won

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33 thoughts on “Incheon Airport to Seoul Station by AREX

  1. uih banyak bleh save tuu. Dah boleh beli 2 kimbab dah pun.heheh

    Saya tengah survey2 site attraction kat sana.Bdw, jong no tu ada apa eh best kat situ?

  2. Hi Zarina,

    glad that i stumbled upon your blog
    after searching for weeks info on Seoul. I'll be going to Seoul end of April & the estimated arrival time is 10.00pm and I found out that the last train from Incheon to Seoul is 10.30pm. I've also notice there are midnight buses from Incheon. What is the most convenient & affordable way to Seoul after midnight? I'll be staying at the Seoul backpackers & they are very persistent in me taking their airport pick up which cost a whopping KRW75,000…hope you can advice…Thanks!

  3. Hi Vincent,
    There is none if you want to catch subway/train/limousine bus after midnight.

    The commuter train from Incheon-Gimpo-Seoul runs up till midnight but there are many stops. Cheap but not so convenient.

    Otherwise, you can always sleep or stay up till 5am and grab the earliest train to Seoul.

  4. Hi Zarina!

    Do you have any experience sleeping at Gimpo Airport?

    I have this problem. Arriving at Incheon about 10:30pm and thinking to catch a flight to Jeju about 6:35am the day after.

    I read some blogs, says no sleepover allowed at Gimpo Airport. Is it true?


  5. Hi Zarina

    Thanks for the reply. Yeap, that's what I read in another blog. The security will chased you out after midnight.

    So I might stay at Incheon and take a cab early in the morning to Gimpo. Do you think the taxi is expensive? There are 4 of us.


  6. salam zarina

    i'm glad i found ur blog!! ur blog makes planning a whole lot easier.thumbs up! 😀

    im going there this june and like vincent, estimated arrival is around 10pm (incheon). where can i stay for the night? i've downloaded ur planning guide, u said that its the best to stay at jjimjilbang, is it very near to the airport? how to go there? what can i there? i'm with my cousin. and zero abt korea.

  7. w'salam zettyzetty,
    thanks for taking the time to go thru the blog.

    My friends recently arrive at Incheon airport from Malaysia and leave the airport at about 10pm (Korea time). They took the AREX + subway to Seoul Station and stayed at Silloam jjimjilbang.

    Take a taxi to the jjimjilbang for about 2,500 won – 3,000 won from Seoul Station.

    You can walk to the place though, but it's a bit harder cause you arrive late at night. So, better take a taxi.

    Check this link

  8. Need & my wife will be going to Seoul on the 3rd of June. For sure we will reaching Incheon at 9.30 pm. Will it be possible for us to catch a train to Jongno3 ga for Songwontel Hotel?

  9. Hi~~
    Thank you for your information of Korea, it's really gook.I'm going to Korea too, I just wondering the Seoul Station, it this ralated the Incheon express,the railway and the subway?? because I need the railway train and the subway train from the Incheon International Airport…Thank you very much~~

  10. Hi Zarina.. thx for the article.
    so if i want to go to downtown seoul in a budget from incheon airport, you recommend arex commuter? (but it's not so convenient?). thx..

  11. Hi Zarina, I am greatful to see your blog. We will arrive at Incheon Int Airport at 9.55pm. We will be staying Hotel Elle Inn, near Yongsan Station and not far away from Seoul Station.
    What transportation do u suggest for us to take? Airport Express? of AREX? is it the same thing?
    Or what about taxi?

    Thanks Zarina.


  12. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for taking your time to read the blog. If you have large luggage, just take the airport limousine bus.

    AREX is like ERL – rapid train, you might have to transit and for some people is not feasible

    Taxi will take about 40,000 -50,000 won per ride.

  13. hai, nk tny,cmne sy nk pegi itaewon dr airport incheon?sy akan menginap d hotel hamilton…sorry,i'm bit confuse ttg route…hrp dpt bantu.

  14. "Hi anonymous,

    From Incheon, take AREX to Digital Media City Subway Station then transit to Line 6 to Itaewon.
    3,700 won – 1 hour 15 minutes."

    Ooo..ok.tqvm.ur blog very useful.hope u i can get more info from u when i arrive at seoul.tqvm


  15. Salam, I am now,in gimpo airport. The airport seems to be closed by midnight.however, me and my friend manage to ask permission to the airport staff to wait for our departure nx mrning to jeju @ 630am

  16. Assalamu'alaikum Zarina,
    What is the cheapest mode of transportation from Incheon Airport to Itaewon? There would be 9 of us in a group incl. 4 kids. I read that there is a Jumbo Deluxe Taxi that can fill all 9 of us.

    I plan to make a day return trip from Seoul to Mt Soerak. Is this possible?

  17. First, thanks for the info. I wonder how can I tell which AREX is the Commuter, and which one is Express? I want take the commuter because it is cheaper. Ps.: I cannot read Korean, nor nothing similar at all. Thanks.

  18. Assalam Zarina..
    Im from brunei.. will go to korea end of september to early october. Dari incheon aiport to itaewon, mana yg lebih murah & comfortable, guna bus, taxi o subway.. Kami pegi 2 org je.. tq

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